Bob Appreciation Thread (aka Behemoth)


Bob is the best. He is so good thanks to him being popular in the song. (They see me rollin they hatin) He makes a better sheff then goliath and he offers the greatest hugs :blush:

#Bob your the best!


I love him i just hope he gets his bugs fixed :o i just like his little tail >.<. Also we have 3 other appreciation threads one being written by you! XD


Bob makes my day everytime I spawn camp the hunters with lava bomb when the game starts.


I love playing as him so much, but i actually enjoy fighting him more, especially since torvald’s return to power


I don’t think they will ever make a monster more fun to play against or as.


Bob is love…
Bob is life. :smiley:


I love dis big boi right here. he’s been crazy strong and beyond UP in a relatively short amount of time, now that he’s approaching balance let’s take a look back and appreciate this big fella.


he has had some of the greatest bugs tbh.



Ah… the good 'ol roll spam to spam heavy attack.

Good times… :wink:


i love bob so much because i know its weird but were talking about hyper intelligent monsters in space here i kinda relate to bob in a way because even with how big and loud and OBVIOUS he is ive been able to pull some cheesy frigging jukes with him . same with me one second youve got your eyes on me WAM im behind you and you have bo clue


This thread shall be preserved for Bobs apprieciation.


I shall not let this thread die!



He’s a beast. Really cool design. A hulking monster. so cool yeh


Wow. Three months later and somehow, it was completely skipped for closing. Sweet. Bob is my favorite, anyways.


Yay for behemoth.


Yay go Bob!



Bob is awesome. He may be slow, but his burst damage is excellent! Tounge grab into fissure into roll heavy attack is an instant down. Lava bomb does insane DOT along with a knock back. Rockwall has pretty good damage and is great for trapping a Hunter alone. Bob is bae


Someone needs to get a picture of Bob with a cupcake in-game and upload it.