Bob appreciation thread 2.0


This is a thread to appreciate Bob

Title update 9.0 is going to make Bob great.

Bob Appreciation Thread (aka Behemoth)

But it doesn’t release for another 2 or so months?


@PietroTheCzar your time to shine mate


Bob don’t listen to @Shunty you are soon going to shine.


I’d like to believe that this update is going to make Bob good again, but I haven’t heard any word yet on bug fixes in regards to his movement. And I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the circle of death when we bump into things while playing Bob.




I propose we start a cul–er, religion. Worshipping Bob.

I can’t think of a punny name for it though.

Honestly, if Bob wasn’t so awesome, I probably wouldn’t have been around to see Gorgon. I mean, I’d be around, just not playing Evolve.


I love playing Behemoth. I have given serious though over whether I like playing him or Goliath more, and its always super close - I just like Goliath a hair’s length more.

I’ve pulled some really slick combos off with Tongue Grab, Melees, etc. in pubs, sometimes downing a Hunter in one combo in pubs…


Behemoth op on pub. Does not need buff. I’ll appreciate bob once his tongue grab drags hunters like a smoker from l4d.

He’s also OP on pub defend.


That would be funny always loved lynching people with the smoker in that game


What Bob only needs is a cake and a surprise party with the hunters.
Bob would be happy.


Far too early for this thread. 9.0 might make him viable but until then he must reside in the closet with the moths.
He’s my most played monster after Goliath…dear god


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This is an appreciation thread, not a general balance discussion


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When will Bob receive cake?


In due time my Bob’s friend, in due time


Just recently went against a gold bob he’s now my enemy, until we meet again bob until we meet again…


I love Bob. Almost no one crush’s pubs harder, or gets flattened as fast by good teams.