Blue/purple health bar hunters


So, I’ve encountered two of these so far, and it baffles me as to what they are. They don’t appear at start and seem to appear somewhat randomly during the game when 1 or more players are dead.

They look kinda like armored metal covered ninjas, pretty thin and with no gear on them(from what I saw) and have literal aimbots. One of them was wielding a minigun and would constantly fire at me when he had me in his line of sight. The problem was he was firing straight at me even when I wasn’t in line of sight(behind rocks/boulders/buildings), and even without being able to see me. I managed to kill both of them, but it was still confusing.

Also, in one game I killed all the hunters except for the blue/purple health one, and even though he was still alive, once I downed player hunters I won the game.

What the heck are these? Bots?


i think they come if you’re winning and the hunters start to disconnect


There the ebon star soldiers, there’s a glitch where sometimes a player is replaced with one of these on some maps


And it’s DAMNED annoying, the only match of Hunt I’ve ever lost as monster was when the trapper got turned into one of these, and so the final relay fight was Lazarus, Assault, Assault, and Cabot. Wish I’d known I didn’t actually have to kill him.


If you were in Evacuation mode, there is a campaign effect like this. But there is a bug where there can be duplicate characters.


Ouch, that had to hurt. Two Assaults… Makes me shudder just thinking of it.


You forgot there were also Cabot and Laz, so that’s like almost 6 assaults… xD


i’ve seen them show up in hunt mode once i’ve killed several players. i’ve had three assaults and 1 medic against me with none of the other classes.

does hunt mode apply balance changes from evac automatically?


There’s another thread about this from the hunter’s perspective. Had this happen to me the other night. Sounds like it maybe only happens when you join a game in progress? For me I joined the game right before the character I was taking over showed up on the dropship, and then instead of whoever it should have been, it was the Ebonstar guy. Seemed like I had Hyde’s mini-gun and Parnell’s rocket launcher, and assault’s shield, and no 3rd weapon. I didn’t notice any sort of auto-aiming or homing, but that might have just been hard to tell from my end. Wasn’t sure if I should log out or what, as it was clearly a bug. Team was nearly beaten anyway by the time I joined so it really didn’t matter in that case. Definitely very strange and confusing to encounter. And it was in normal skirmish hunt, not evac campaign.