Blood Eagle skin feedback for Maggie (mobile arena & harpoons lacking skin)


I purchased the Blood Eagle skin for Maggie. I was excited for the purchase but disappointed to discover that the skin didn’t apply to the Mobile Arena device nor the deployed harpoons. I would be more than happy to purchase additional skins for Maggie ONLY IF the mobile Arena & deployed harpoons feature the skin as well. As a consumer, I don’t believe this is a unrealistic request.

Anyone else share a similar sentiment?

I included a screen of the harpoons lacking the skin. I didn’t include one of the mobile arena BC there is already a thread for it.

TRS, Why no skin on the mobile arena?

There is already a thread for this regarding harpoon turrets being reskinned. I agree with you that they should have different skin colors. Would be nice.


Rats, I didn’t know. I would be grateful if you could link me! :blush:


Oof. Not sure what the thread title was, just remember agreeing with the poster there as well haha… Did a quick search but couldn’t see it. I believe it was under a “Maggies Elite Skin” type thread but can’t recall off top of my head.


I tried a search as well using “harpoon, skin, turret”. Oh well, thanks for trying!


Might this be it?

You’re welcome. :blush:


That would be it, you are awesome :slight_smile:


Thank you, sir!


I moved a post to an existing topic: Maggie Mastery