Blood Eagle Hyde !?


I didnt even know I had a Hyde blood eagle skin! I searched on internet about it and found NOTHING!Does anyone else have the same skin because im confused.Is it something really new or what?


You must have played two weeks ago in the weekend! There was a challenge, and collectively we won over 100k Hunter games, and were awarded with that skin :slight_smile:


omg I was wondering where I got that too lmao. I saw another player with that dope skin and I was like “IM GONNA MAIN HYDE NOW. WHERE DO I BUY THIS SKIN??” Turns out I had it lmao, was the skin the only reward?


People also got a goliath skin :slight_smile:


I got carnivore goliath…but about Blood eagle Hyde there is no nothing about…


Check out the cataclysm section of the shear madness update page


I was out of town for a week and didn’t even realize I missed it D=