Blitzkov wrong dmg numbers


everytime i play blitzkov i get wrong dmg numbers at end as result.
for example i do mine dmg and the endscreen says 0 dmg.
or i do more than 20.000 dmg with the tesla gun and the endscreen says 9000 dmg.


Question, how would you know you did 20,000?

Another question, do you have a video/pictures?


About the mines I approve it

It does show the wrong numbers


Yes, i noticed that too.

Only level 0 mine and level 0 tesla gun damage are shown in the end results.
I think it’s because in telemetry, they have different datas for each level (0 to 3) for BlitzMarkov (i didn’t find the damage chart where I see that) but it seem that only the level 0 damage is shown at the end.

If the monster only run into gold (lvl 3) mines, you will ended with 0 damage shown in the result.

Edit: Here the damage chart.


You can tell with the accolades; if you get “Dealt 1,000 Rifle Damage” multiple times but the end screen shows you 800, something’s wrong.

I’ve also experienced this.


Yes, I agree that I have experienced this bug.

But dont accolades show up only counting the x1 damage still?


No, the accolades always seem to be correct. Or at least feel correct, given what I experienced in the game.


for me its just a weird feeling. dealing with all assaults always more than 20.000 dmg in a long defend round but blitzkov is the only one who doesnt even reach 10.000 dmg. thats as much as a trapper and thats strange cause he deals tons like a good assault should. thats why the numbers feel wrong. especially the mines if the monsters run through them and you get zero dmg.