BlitzKov Rifle/LG?


So, I have to start this off by saying, my internet is horribly horribly slow, and due to that fact I can’t take videos because the upload time would be… probably a minimum of 10 hours for anything at the 480p range. Also I was too busy enjoying myself (as it was against an A.I. and who cares if I abuse a bug I accidentally found against an A.I.) to take a picture, which I should have done.

With the “introduction” out of the way, I’ve been solo queueing into bots all weekend because 10x works in Co-op v A.I. I remember that when I played, we had a Cabot and I think a Maggie, but I could not remember the medic for the life of me. Map was Cataclysm, and as it was Bots, the Monster was OGGoliath. I took Rocket Man, and then both Capacity perks.

While I was fighting up against the A.I., I was using the lightning gun and somehow through i’m assuming an interaction between Goliath pounding my face/a meteor hitting me/me switching to the Assault Rifle, the Assault Rifle also began to shoot off BlitzKov’s Tesla Gun. Infinitely. I’m talking as long as I was looking in a direction and there was something that qualified as a target, it was firing. If I got the shit smacked out of me, it just turned back on as soon as I wasn’t tumbled anymore.

I don’t entirely know how I did this, or if I could reproduce it, but I got around 20k damage with the Tesla Gun that match since I never had it on Cooldown. It was insane.

I’m very sorry I don’t have pictures, or video to back what i’m telling you up, but me and the two people in the room with me were too busy laughing our asses off to remember I might need proof that it happened.

I don’t want any human players to be harmed by this if it turns into an exploit, which is why i’m reporting it. A.I. can suffer though, it doesn’t get frustrated or permanently quit the game when something incredibly broken happens.

edit: I hazily also remember this happening once when I was playing in a… NDA-restricted time of the game. as Markov. No further details on that, due to NDA.