Blitz Markov's mines should be nerfed

Basically, Blitz Markov’s mines damage is RIDICULOUS they can immediately take 3/4 of a Monster health. Just look at all the players playing as Blitz Markov, they’re everywhere. This has been like that since the past week or so. Their glowing should be made easier to see, or at least make them glow before being ready for detonation.

EDIT: So, I think recoloring or making their glowing easier to see is a better idea than nerfing them.

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No. They have an arm time. Don’t exaggerate please.


That’s kind of the point of his mines. They ramp up in damage over time. If the monster doesn’t notice that they’ve turned gold, it’s on them for waltzing into them. Trust me, as a monster main, they can be a pain in the ass, but you just have to learn to get rid of them before they get to that point.


No, they cant.


Yes, preach.


Bitzkov’s mines are pretty powerful, but that’s kinda the point. Like what @Magmafiend said. Plus the gold glow got changed so it is much easier to see.


I’m confused, are they pathetic or are they op? Because if it’s the former I agree. If it’s the later stop playing wraith

Make them at least easier to see. Even Markov’s mines aren’t that hard to see compared to Blitz Markov’s.

So, if Behemoth is able to eat a Hunter and not even down them with his tongue, isn’t that just pathetic?

Pathetic is not the word I’d use to describe it

If you have trouble seeing them I suggest changing the thread name then.


I’m just going to be 100% honest here-

If you get hit by a mine that’s fully amped to the point where it does good damage, you need to improve on your monster.


As everyone above me has stated, you’re generally only going to get hit by a fully amped mine if you’re not particularly understanding the monster role. Sure, there are definitely exceptions to this rule, but those generally only apply if you’re winning and can afford to sacrifice a couple bars. If you are getting hit by amped mines without consenting to getting hit by them, the problem is not Blitzkov, it’s you.

What is this harsh way to speak of? Go take a literature lesson.

I don’t need a “literature lesson”. I think I speak pretty damn good on my own.

Only thing I don’t like about em is I can’t see the gold colour in daylight on 3/4 maps. Weather control is the only one I have an easy time seeing them except on the beach which I avoid fighting on anyways. Wish they made them a nice dark color for their strongest.

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Exactly, I can’t see them neither in Orbital Drill, Distillery, nor Wraith Trap, just Weather Control.

Well they shouldn’t be nerfed just have their color changed.


Roasted on the first post. Lmao.

Also blitzkov is fine, if you let his mines reach that point then walk into them, that’s kinda on you.

Although I will say this: they are WAY too hard to see at full charge.


I have been able to see them pretty easily for a while, but I can understand that.

In which case, make them more visible, but don’t nerf them in any other way.

Try colorblind mode (even if you’re not colorblind) it makes many things much clearer for monster and hunters alike.\

I’d also like to point out that if they become easier to see, they’ll be even worse than Markov’s mines are because they’ll suffer the same issue of monsters destroying them easily.

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