Blitz Markov Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: Blitz Markov Strategy, Tips and Advice


Blitz is a hard assault because of how his Tesla Gun works.

Blue and Purple are below OG Marov’s Lightning Gun, but Red and Gold do more damage, but over a short period of time. In order to out damage OG Markov make sure you have full capacity with your TG to give you a better chance to reach Red and Gold. Capacity is a great perk for longer Gold damage.

Like how Blitz’s TG increases damage over time, so do his mines. Blue and Purple do less damage than OG Markov while Red and Gold do more damage. You should place these mines op top of cliffs and ledges but not right on the edge, otherwise monster will know that the mine is up there.

On Broken Hill Mine, it’s a clever idea to place mines behind doorways so when the monster is fleeing they will break through the door and get some nasty Girl Scout cookies. Just make sure the mine is 10 or so meters from the door so the highlight doesn’t clip through, giving it away.

Sometimes placing them inside a dead wildlife corpse can guard the feast, so if monster wants a bite they’ll get a bad case of food poisoning. Just make sure the wildlife is large enough to hide the mine, so Nomads, Armadons, Tyrants (on land), and Dune Beatles are great for this trick. Reavers, not so much.


Capacity perk doesn’t affect how fast the beam changes, so with cap you are getting much more gold time than usual. Mighty useful for increasing your damage output, but keep in mind you have to be good at sticking to the monster or it will go to waste.


Try to remember to stay in high vantage pointes when using the Tesla Gun. That way you have less things to break line of sight. You will get good damage if you can lead the monster with it and stay a bit ahead of him.

His AR has a great fire rate and deals good damage as well, more damage than Markov’s AR by about 6 DPS.


I find Jump Height works well with Blitz Markov. Most good monsters won’t let a beam lock on them for long (or at all) which I find Capacity kind of useless for him. Having W Maggie on the team can really help though.