Blitz Markov & Rogue Val


#Blitz Markov

#Rogue Val

Both on todays stream, as well as the latest monster - Gorgon :smiley:

#Match Begin

  • Rogue Val (02:02:02)
  • Blitz Markov (1:40:29)
    #Actual Gameplay
  • Rogue Val (2:05:04)
  • Blitz Markov (1:49:58)

#Interesting differences :

###Rogue Val :

  • Can heal multiple people at once (seems to hit target, and branch out to hunters nearby target hunter)
  • Passively heals hunters within 30m
  • Heal burst does not heal other team mates, but heals Val for 75%
  • Sniper Rifle fires 3 times before needing to be reloaded
  • Sniper Rifle does not create weak spots

###Blitz Markov :

  • Mines are blue

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Blitz Markov & Rogue Val Discussion Thread
Gorgon Cometh There she is! (Blitz Markov and Rogue Val is in here too)
Blitz Markov & Rogue Val Discussion Thread

So amazing!!! :heart_eyes:






Rogue Val looks evil!! 0_0

The name truly fits!


And val still has the booty :grin:
Sort of



Seems like you heal someone, and they continue to be healed after you stop beaming them. She also seems to kind of heal herself literally entirely - I wonder if she has a long healburst cooldown that heals for 100%.


Updating when in the stream they are featured :slight_smile:


Probably aren’t going to, stream ends after this match



They’ve already been used, I’m just logging in the OP when, so people who missed the stream can catch up


They won’t show more about them, need to go to others’ stream for that


If i saw right he had less bullet capacity for his rifle which probably means he does more damage per bullet.
I think her heal burst instantly gives her full health but no health for her teammates. She has a passive that keeps healing her teammates non-stop slowly. And her medgun can chain heal for less health per second i think.


Hey, just updated the OP with ROGUE VAL’S Loadout.

Look at the different in picture icon ^.^

Will do the same with Blitz Markov shortly


There are 25 bullets in the Assault Rifle capacity. His icons all look the same to me. :smile: Assuming they weren’t running reload, the gun reloaded in about 1.5 to 2.0 seconds (I believe)… I can’t tell what’s different about the LG or Arc Mines.


Lightning gun seems to change colour. I think it has different multipliers depending on how much it’s been used. I will look into it shortly. Currently chasing up info on Rogue Val


Oh yeah, I just went back to see the LG. It turns purple the longer it’s on. That’s very cool.

The Arc Mines seemed to have left a spark effect on Gorgon, so they possibly apply a lightning DoT? Nevermind. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


New Rogue Val picture, enjoy :smiley:


@StealthShampoo Pro Tips


Updated with a picture of Rogue Val in the pick screen, showing description of basic abilities