Blitz Markov Mastery Tier 3


For his 3rd tier lightning gun mastery, it says max damage… Is that just getting it to turn yellow? Or do I have to drain the battery for max damage? Because I’m having rounds where it tells me I got 6 and I’m sure I’m getting over 10 lol.

Other than that, I’m almost done lol


I think you have to drain the battery.

It makes taking capacity on him suddenly undesirable.


If that’s the case, I agree with you. Ugh… Ok then. Should have this done shortly now lol


You just have to do it until you get to the max damage of 4x. A.K.A Gold.

Don’t have to drain it.


Then it’s bugged. Because I was counting and had 15 in one match and it gave me 6


That time I had 12 and it registered 5


I have mines done and almost done with headshot.


I’m up to 50 now lol. It’s monster only. Doesn’t specify but I tested it out.


Just turn Yellow. You don’t have to drain the battery :slight_smile:


You say this but I definitely got gold lazers on the monster many times during one match and at the end I got an entire +1.

I’m pretty confident you have to drain the battery completely. I was using Capacity and didn’t fully deplete it… basically ever. Hence the solitary increment.


It may be buggy? I have the elite and got all of that 3rd star by disengaging as soon as it went gold when grinding.


Must be buggy then. Or we’re wrong about the specifics.

It’s not like they’re very clear anyway.


You don’t have to drain it but it has to be the monster. I now have 92. And I only need 1600 headshot damage and I’m done.


I’m noticing the same issues. Just played a round where I should have had around 7, but it only counted one :confused:


It must be only the monster. Not minions or wildlife.


Thanks. I went and tested this in a defend match, and it seems to add up. Only moments when I reached max damage on the monster itself were counted.

Looks like TRS needs to make a small text change to that mastery.


I was farming that and I can assure you it must hit Stage 4 for only a brief moment. You can use the whole battery but so long as you hit Stage 4 on the Monster and the Monster ONLY it will count for you.

Capacity is still fine.


Just a rule of thumb, anytime you are working on 3rd star masteries, always assume you need to damage the monster itself.