Blitz Markov crazy damage burst!


I was running capacity increase. It’s now my new go-to for perk for Blitz Markov instead of damage output. What perks do you like best for your assault character and why?


Yeah Capacity would be the best perk for him. Sometimes if the link breaks early on, I can try again without it reloading and I can still reach gold. That was perfect timing.


Capacity is the way to go

Blitz damage is easily mitigated against mitigated monster . As potential it’s high but 1 melee can cancel out the high damage

Blitz Markov damage output is less than Markov unless if you can go to Gold stage more often


With all assaults I choose reload speed
But I prefer capacity with blitzkov


Torvalds / Parnell / Blitz capacity perk

Hyde: jetpack perk (to keep up with the monster)

Markov / lennox movement perk


Or damage if you don’t have a Cabot.


Ahh yes good ol Lenny with movement speed, i remember running right up the monsters arse with 4x


Damage perk only benefit the first plasma hit with 10% more damage . Damage bonus perk is useless : if you get to more than 1 multiplier


I go:

Mark: HR, Damage, MS

Blitz: Cap

Hyde: HR, Damage, MS

Parnell: Cap, Damage, Reload

Torvald: QuickSwitch

Lenny: MS

Blitz, Lenny, and moreso Torvald are characters that I use specific setups for. I use Torvald the most, amd constant damage is lovely, esp. when his shrapnel is viable for the team too.


Damage bonus perk is doing lower damage output than reload / capacity perks do


I know, it’s mostly with a Cabot who uses Reload. Lots of damage in a short time.


The Monster was standing pretty still and not paying attention to you. If he ignores you, he’ll pay. He just needs to give Blitzkov a smack or jump a bit away or something.

And that was a Kraken who was on the ground. He should’ve been flying around.

Damage is only “crazy” if the Monster ignores him.


That doesn’t look like burst damage to me, and it’s from two sources, burst from Parnell, Torvald is far greater. But without the beam charger up.


For Blitz, Hyde, and Lennox I prefer Movement Speed. Rarely does a good monster stand still and ignore me allowing me to unload a full capacity weapon on it. Movement Speed means the monster has to either spend a traversal, ability, or melee to break my attack.


Does it really only benefit the first hit. If so that seems like something that should be changed/fixed becuz that’s just silly nonsense for that to be how it works.


That was not a “crazy damage burst!”, that was a Kraken standing still below Tech Hank’s laser, getting shot at by Wasteland Maggie’s SMG and your Tesla Gun.
You only did about 30-40% of that damage.

Even with Capacity perk, Blitzkov is still a reliability-Assault. Steady, low damage output. If you want high burst, pick Torvald or Parnell.


Yeah I agree with you

But This is how it’s .

@the_mastermind can you please confirm ?

What about weapon that affected by multiplier like blitz Markov mines & LG ?

Does supernova / decoy damage output increases with damage bonus perk ?


Torvald is still #1


The damage perk applies to all multipliers on both Lennox and Blizkov.

So for lennox is would be
99, 198, 297, 396


There was a suggestion thread about making damage bonus affect lennox multiplier (not a long time ago)