Blitz Markov and Meteor Goliath feel too similar to their counterparts


I just feel that Markov and Goliath plays too similar with the variants.

Elder Kraken and Kraken feel REALLY different and great though

I just feel that you need more variety in this game since the game feels really samey after awhile. Also doesn’t help that ALL the maps feel the same =/


Blitz Markov is getting a significant Range nerf with the Tesla gun, while Markov is getting a big fat range buff with his Lightning gun. I’ve always complained about the same thing between the two, like you mentioned. I’m really happy to see that they’ve moved them apart more.

Thank you to @GentlemanSquirl and whomever pushed the change, I AM GOING TO LOVE IT!


The Meteor Goliath was very first adaptation and there was very little time to create concept. So thats why he is not very different from Goliath


Who know… maybe in the future he can have a second adaptation.

Scorpid had some pretty badass abilities.