Blind hunting?


im assuming there will be some sort ranked play so how about this mode? your a hunter, you just know theres a monster that needs to be tracked and hunted and of course the same goes for the monster he just knows he has to evolve. you guys eventually meet up and findout what your being hunted by and they findout what they are hunting
like in normal play where after you have chosen your character and everyone readys up it shows the monster but for this mode it doesnt show any information about who your playing against


Extreme advantage would go over to the hunters. If you’re good you’ll know the different footprints of the monster. By the time the monster knows who the hunters are he’ll likely be domed.


agreed Lazarus alone is a game changer for the monster and as the monster its hard enough to tell hunters apart as it is in the heat of battle unless they are using a flashy power


Yeah, a bunch of people have requested that. I think it’d fit well within the “hardcore” mode people have been asking for-- no HUD indicators and whatnot.

I’d like to see this happen. Maybe they’ll add that option for custom matches-- which will be available on Feb 10th!


Definitely agree. As a monster, you usually don’t have time to take a real close look at the hunters. This is one of the reasons I wish it told the users more info on the name plates. Like: Hank-Saptilladerky.

Without info like this, it makes it hard to strategize as a monster (which is so much more important than as a hunter). As hunters, you strategize with each other more than you do with what you’re fighting.


yeah I started just looking at the medics name before the match if its Lazarus… show no mercy, hunt him down and destroy him!!!
but any other medic meh play normally

I think with practice you can tell who are most hunters hank’s laser and Markov’s lighting are pretty flashy but Lazarus other than healing pulse he doesn’t do anything flashy
so showing the name of the character as well could be useful but need more time to be sure its not something we can learn


I think it’d be fine with the info it has now at default, but when you sniff, you get a little extra info on the hunters for the 2 seconds you are sniffing.

and myabe you have to be a certain range to see that extra info.