Blatant hacking


his profile:


Why, oh why,
This damn guy…


From a nerd standpoint, that’s actually really cool. Plok managed to access and directly change raw numbers. I find his number choice really interesting. He didn’t go for an actual maximum (like that of an unsigned integer), or a psychological max (like 999999).

I wonder how he did it.


Maybe that is the max number range? Also, why would he put his/her deaths at the same number as wins? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t say how the leaderboard is coded, but I assume that those were the two numbers he could access and didn’t really care about it.

Edit: As to max number, that’s a really silly max number to use.


Well 40 is a weird level number cap. Coming from TRS… expect the unexpected.


He’s done it with every monster and other class too. Word is he got help from turtle rock themselves which is why they haven’t fixed it.


For 40, that’s a gameplay design choice and not a raw value cap.


I honestly doubt that. Hey may be in contact them and this is proof that they don’t sanitize inputs properly, or that they have an opening, but I doubt it’s supported by them.

I also just realized why the damage and stat averages are so low now.


Replied to the wrong person :smile:
@Slovenia is who I think you were looking for


Dont know, a friend said one of the higher ups at the studio showed him how to do it because the game wasn’t doing too good and was dying. He showed him as a final way to piss off the community.

Sounds plausible


It’s also a fireable offense in most places, considering you’re sabotaging a product. If someone working at TRS did this, it’s not company wide.


Let’s hope it’s not true


Please don’t participate in the rumor mill. There is enough negativity that saying something that isn’t documented will just hurt in the end.


Just trying to make sense of this all


Oh definitely. If there is even any contact, it’s more in the way of “hey, I found a bug, here’s proof on your current leaderboard”.

I’ve seen it happen in the old dota forums where you could steal cookies and a guy got access to the Dota 2 beta for showing Icefrog how and why it worked.


No worries. Maybe someone at TRS made a fake account to try to fix some issues with the current no loss/ during disconnects. Maybe it’s someone trying to test their hacker skills. Either way I don’t like putting stock in rumors too much :stuck_out_tongue:


That confirms anything is hackable on those servers… I’ve been in a lobby with Grizzlywood where he could play monster all the time when my first choice was monster.
Also, what this guy did is for an obvious reason: leaderbord is broken, leaderboard is stupid, leaderboard is useless.


Highly doubt he “directly accessed the leaderboards”. Its most likely just an console run command that grants a win and sends the data to the server.


Lol not at all god, how old are you people. Its most likely a client side expliot that tells the server you got a ‘win’ etc.