Blank Badge Unlock (Val) + Mastery glitch


Issue 1
Hunter: Val
Mode: Evac, Solo. This happened on the last mission (Defend)
Description: At the end of the Defend mission I noticed something strange. As I cleared the Second tier mastery I unlocked a blank badge.

Issue 2
Hunter: Val
Mode: Evac, Solo.
Description: I unlocked Laz some time prior to yesterday, but my mastery was reset for the Med gun and Tranq darts. When I cleared Level 1, Level 2 mastery for those two slots was at 100%. Not game breaking, just odd.

Let me know if you need more information.


I have this issue with Val as well. Her badges just don’t show up when you unlock them. However, I did check and I think the ones you unlock will still be selectable to make your custom badge. Her badges are as follows:

Unlock Val: Bald Warrioress
Tier 1 complete: Long hair
Tier 2 complete: Punker spike hair
Tier 3 complete: Bald w/Blue face paint
Hunters Quest App: Long hair/blue face paint

Check and see if you have the ones in bold (and the app one if you got Val to level 30 in-app, which I believe you did) and let me know!


I think they were in the badge selection screen, I forgot to note that. I assume the invisi-badge is easily fixed but I hadn’t seen it posted yet.

The mastery one is a head scratcher though.


I noticed the same thing, they were blank when I unlocked them, at least on-screen anyway, I haven’t went into the badge selecter to see personally.

Also, anytime the Tier 4 completes a star it’ll display the badge and background, put the munbers you earned on the first ability under the second unlock rather than that ability’s icon (if applicable) and then go to the stats screen without showing any more progress made. Is this being fixed? I still have Torvald, Sunny, and future Tiers to Elite and would rather have this issue fixed than have it remain. Anyone wlse have this problem?