Blade Runner 2049 Event @ SDCC 2017


The voice sounds very familiar in that clip, is it possible that it is the same voice actor as the one who did Atlas in Bioshock?


Haha it @SoundsLikeBrian !


Well all I can say is


I will be sharing video / photos tomorrow! Stay tuned! It.was.insane.


Yeah! I think the voice over style reminded me a lot of the “Star Tours” ride too :smiley:


Hi!! Just wanted to thank you folks @DarKastlez and @niaccurshi - as an ardent fan of both Bioshock and Star Tours (new and old), these compliments mean a lot! :smiley:


Hope to “hear” more from you in the future! (pun intended)


I took a few pictures!


HEHE I like your Gif, Whats the name of this movie???


I think that’s from Parks and Rec.