Blade Runner 2049 Event @ SDCC 2017


We are pleased to announce:

There will be some TRS presence at this year's SDCC or San Diego Comic Con!

One of our VR experiences will be exclusive to this event for a limited time until it is released to the public!

When: 07/20 - 07/21

Where: Located across the street from the Convention Center, where Comic-Con

Ticket Info: Guests can register to enter at a specific appointment time or choose to wait in line; however, appointments can only be made for the same day. Admission is free.

What: Setting the tone, the experience begins as guests enter through a gallery of art from “Blade Runner 2049.” An Oculus VR experience will immerse visitors in the world of the film. But that is just the start: as the VR presentation ends, guests will walk into a neon-lit Los Angeles street scene, where they should be prepared to experience what our potential future holds, including impromptu tests to determine if they are humans…or replicants.

The actual Spinner from the new film will be on display, along with other vehicles featured in the film. Costumes worn by the stars of “Blade Runner 2049” will also be on display, and actors dressed in wardrobe from the film will be amongst the crowd, furthering the sense that guests have stepped into the Los Angeles of the future. There will also be giveaways for fans, along with other surprises.

In addition, for the first time, fans will get an exclusive peek of the limited-edition Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut bottle, inspired by the original, elusive prop from the first film. Details on this limited-edition whiskey blend will be announced in the coming months. Guests 21 and over will also have the chance to enjoy a Johnnie Walker whisky tasting experience.

You can read everything there is to know about the event >> HERE <<

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Oh man, this is huuuge!



There’s a new Blade Runner movie?



[quote=“Shaners, post:1, topic:109806”]
One of our VR experiences will be exclusive to this event for a limited time until it is released to the public!
[/quote]Does this mean TRS have multiple contracts promoting big movies via VR?


Not entirely sure, but other movies are also having VR experiences they’re showcasing at the San Diego Comi-con. Dunkirk is having a VR experience.

So I think a lot of movie studios simply hired Dev teams to create a VR experience to promote the film. But either way its great news, I hope it will become a succes and open more opportunities for TRS!


This sounds incredible. Such a great opportunity for you guys so hopefully all goes well. Wish I could be there. :smile:


We’d love to work on more in the future! :heart:


From the UK I say… Amazing, yet, :cry:


Damn I can’t make it. Too far away.

One of my life goals is to meet TRS/staff or even visit the studio.

maybe next time…

I might also try and remake my Emet costume with glitter… (in the works of making a post on it, as it has some complications that got on the way of me taking pictures of it, and it’s at school over summer break… rip…)


When are you all going to have something for SXSW? :frowning: San Diego is too far away


Not sure! I’ve actually never been! :open_mouth:


You’re missing out! Make it happen Shane! Plus it would be a great way to get TRS to pay for you to see a ton of live music lol.



It’s just twigged… these (generally speaking, not specific to this) VR experiences, they’re theme park rides in your own home, aren’t they?


Matt’s talking this up on Twitter. I’d love to try it.



This reminds me a lot of the original Back to the Future ride!