Blacklists/Whitelists and Queues


So from what I have seen so far these are my “Please Please Please” suggestions.

We need a blacklist for roles. It makes no sense to round robin people into different roles. I am a good assault and a terrible medic. I don’t care to improve my medic skills right now, so making me the medic will punish the team. I would like to blacklist certain classes so I NEVER play them. This would also go for the monster, but I have another idea for that.

There needs to be a separate queue for monsters and hunters. There are just too many people out there that don’t want to play monster and when they get monster they just stand still and give up and easy win. As a player that runs around with a pre-made that guy will ALWAYS be the monster. I would prefer we faced people who wanted to be monster.

Essentially - I would like to play a class and stick with that class because I am good with them. I have tried to play games where if I wasn’t assault I would ask to be the assault. Sometimes people have said “Sure” and other times it has been a dick measuring contest which results in nothing good. I have mastered all the Assaults in game, not farming. I spent the time to be good at it and wish I could just lock it in.

I do not like playing Monsters. I just don’t enjoy it and I don’t think that is fun for the people I play against. I don’t like it and I wish the game wouldn’t make me do it. I am also tired of the “Call of Duty” kids saying “REKT” when I died as monster because I am already aware I am terrible at it.

Anyhoo - I am hopeful for the other game balancing, but these two details (that would require a code update) would make a lot of people happy.

Thanks for the read.

Role Preferences include a "Definitely do NOT want to play this" option?
More reliable role selection

+1 blacklist I want it SO bad. I get that on PC with our low concurrent player count, anything that makes it harder for the matchmaking algorithm to do its thing might be a hard sell, but I would much rather just have to sit and wait in a queue than have to sit in a queue and then leave and requeue because our monster left.

If the blacklisting left in the current matchmaking functionality where you can get stuck into an in-progress game as a less-desired role in order to get you a desired role next game, the blacklist would also give players the confidence to stick it out rather than leaving immediately. If you blacklist medic, and get shoved into an ongoing game as the medic, you KNOW that (barring bugs) you’re going to get a class you want next time.

If there were a blacklist, I’d also feel a lot better about the preference system - if I could blacklist monster and then choose “no preference” that’s exactly what I’d do. I main support right now, but I’d like to hop around and eventually get some skill with every class - hard to do when I get Support most games, even though I’d be just as happy to play Medic or Trapper.


Implementing a blacklist would have kept me playing the game.