Black & White

So the newest update on the forums has caused my phone to view nearly everything in black and white colors.

######For the record. I blame you @RCSRex. Your profile picture is all I see everywhere now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have prepared for this day.

no. You stepped on an acid plant… you fool!

Look what you’ve done.

:black_circle: :white_circle:

Like this?

Also, it no longer shows my notifications. It gives me little white circles on my avatar thing on the top right, and when I click it, nothing happens. It just shows a thing that says Profile.

It aint so bad when you think about it. Color is whats making this society so violent.

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Blues? I’d think it’s making society more depressed :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is affecting me and it’s really confusing without the colors ._.

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n makes a difference :daisy:

Actually this new update is bad, really really bad!

I thought this was going to be a thread on the old PC god game black and white that game was the shiiiiiiit
anyway…please hold…nah my phone has all it’s color

No, you is a liar.

apparently my post is not descriptive enough

Ok so fun fact when I opened the interwebs on my phone I actually just leave the evolve forums up so it was all cool and whatnot but I decided to reload the page and the color is actually all gone

Ya sees home boy.

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OK so all good on this now, I hope?