Black Screen when starting a match


Hi guys

Since the patch came out i ALWAYS have a black screen at the start of the round. It dosent matter if i am a hunter or monster it dosent matter which char i play or what map its always there. This results into me having less time cause sometimes the blackscreen is longer then the feeding animation of the monster at the start of a round. Also it starts to load the map later resulting in some massive lag at the start of the round. This never happend before the patch. Fix it pls.


Same here and when playing as Behemoth it takes the wildlife a good 8-10 seconds just to spawn (Distillery map, happened to me every match so far).


I get this issue occasionally, more so with behemoth.

I’ve been keeping track of the time at which I’m allowed to move after the game starts (by pressing ‘t’). With the first 3 monsters, this is usually around 10-12 seconds.

With behemoth, I get the black screen like the OP sometimes, and I can’t move until 20 seconds in, making me lose 8 precious seconds of my head start. I get the black screen for longer, and then have to go through the feeding animation when it should have been done already before I can move.