Black Screen Issue


Hello guys.
I just download the game and got an error. Every time I load a game (hunt or tutorial, doesnt matter) black screen appears.
I can open the game normally, click to play, find a team, wait to start and them… BLACK SCREEN.
While this, I can even hear sounds but no images at my monitor when game boots.

Please, I need help.
Sorry for bad english and thanks for the attention


Make sure your drivers are up to date and then verify the game cache integrity.


Drivers are ok. How can I verify the cache integrity?


Go to your steam library, look for Evolve then right mouse click on it and select “Properties”.

Go to “Local files” tab and you’ll see the “Verify cache integrity” feature. :eyes:


Thanks Hajaxa! I will verify right now and try to load the game


Quick question, did you purchase and own the game before and converted it over to the Stage 2 Beta?


No! I downloaded the game when it turned free


Ok cool, thanks for the info! Did the verifying Game Cache work?


I tried right now, after verifying Game Cache and it was unsucessful, still got the black screen issue. :confused:


someone can help?


still black screen…


Try one of the solutions posted here: Stage 2: Gamebreaking Menu Glitch [SOLVED]


If deleting userdata doesn’t help, try just waiting it out. In some extreme cases, on certain computers, with missing shaders (a known issue with this build), the shaders build so slowly you get a black screen. After a minute or two, things start popping in. They may blink in and out, or come in distorted and glitchy, but if you let the game run for several minutes, the game renders normally.


I waited the game run for several minutes and it rendered normally! But was so laggy, i couldnt move… any thoughts about it?



^^ that seems to be fixing the problem for everyone, try that and let us know for sure, and then I can note this report as ‘solved.’