Black screen help



So yeah i have the famous black screen error. so im here to give some info and to ask for help for me to fix the problem. so i tried starting steam as an administrator and than launch evolve straight from the folder as an administrator, didnt work. i updated everything. i tried putting in some launch options. didnt work. so when i start the game i look at task manager and it does actually launch. i check and when it gets around 600.000k memory using my pc freezes and i get the blue screen of death or it restarts. i get the 0x00000101. so i put in the user.cfg and after it crashes here is the game file you talked about:
my specs are:
fx-4100 quad 3.6 ghz
amd radeon hd 6700 series

please give me a fix as soon as possible


Can you try this and tell us if it fixes your problem?


i dont really see anything concret that i need to do. the video he sent is having a hard time loading and i can’t start the game so i see only the evolve logo and than it crashes


Basically you do this:

Delete the entire contents of C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXXX\273350
Then you restart Steam.

Worth a shot, if that doesn’t do anything for you then you have a separate issue that will need to be narrowed down.

Also, what are the specs for your computer? I see you listed some, but a little more might help like operating system, etc.


yeah i tried to delete the files in 273350 didnt work. and im using win7 64bit.


@ArPharazon this member is having troubles starting the game, he sees the logo and then it all goes black.


same logo as you see in the background of the forum. couple of rare times i saw like the sponsors and than it crashed. crashed same like my dreams haha i got so hyped when i finally saw the sponsors.


Try updating your graphics drivers?


Its up to date. :S


bump? i guess? :S


EDIT: just re-read your first post. If you are getting the blue screen of death something might be messed up on your system. Go to the C:\WINDOWS\Minidump. Upload the most recent file somewhere for us to look at

For everyone else here: the 0x00000101 is a BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) error in which “an expected clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor in an MP system within the allocated interval”. So in short, something caused the processor to hang past a safe limit. It can be caused by many different things. There should be a dump file in the root of the hard drive that has windows installed. From that we can tell what caused the error



btw i dont actually get blue screens that often now. it just reboots my pc. and i just want to say that i was really hyped for this game and haven’t got a chance to play for even a singular minute


What version of windows.
From the dump i think its 10 but want to make sure


i stated that in a previous post but its win7 64 bit


anything overlocked?
any RAID drives?


i dont think so. :S how do i check that?


Most likely you don’t if you don’t know. However further looking into the .dmp the error isn’t 0x00000101 rather 0x00000124. 0x00000124 indicates hardware failure. Does this only happen while you try to play evolve?


yes this only happens in evolve. only when i start evolve.


ok make sure that all your drivers are updated