Black screen from startup


yesterday i tried to play the game and all i got is a blackscreen, then i got a tip from WiBaKi and the problem was solved , today i tought lets play another fine game and i tried to start the game and guess what i got , another black screen , i cleaned out the pc , i defraged and did all the other shit to make it work but no game it said, tho my pc can handle the game without any problems cuz i’m far above the recommended specs , got 16gb of ram , a geforce GTX970 graphic card and 2Tb hdd pc is up to date with all drivers , this is shit i just want to play my game and as it looks many peepz just wanna play the game and they can’t .


Uninstalled steam and all microsoft visual packs reinstalled evrything again problem solved but the game is not on the top yet many things need to be solved, hope u get things straight fast


So at least its working for you now?


With ups and downs yeah game just crashed in midfight


Hmm yeah game needs a fix on that.Many pc’s just cant open the game because game tries to open it in a different resolution.Or game stucks at loading because they need to turn V-sync off.I still got no problem thank god.I think game only crashed once after 15 hours of playing :slight_smile:

So just to make sure turn off your V-sync aswell for future incidents.As for the crashes in-game that’s out of my power to provide some tips.That’s clearly in the technical side of the game and needs devs to look on that


You lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue: but im happy for those who encounter almost to none problems but they need to fix it quick or the game will die before it grows big


I start to regret i bought this game never encounter so many problems after installing a game my pc is completely freaking out, one crash after another, had a graphical card problem with AC unity, bought a new one and it was solved butt this pfffffffff