Black screen during matches [solved]


Can’t really elaborate much on it, other than the monster played left the match (presumably because of the same issue I had)… And I know that either trapper or support had the exact same issue. I believe the map was Wraith Trap.

Link to showcase issue:

Click here

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That looks like a shader issue it will load in and you shouldn’t see it happen again. Trying to figure out what caused that.


Different match, same issue again. Different characters, so definitely not related to that :slight_smile:
EDIT: Still Wraith Trap apparently


Have you downloaded the latest update?


Of course.


Woah ok this sounds different then…Can you do me a favor and do the Verify Integrity of Game Cache and see if for some reason it didn’t grab all the files after the update.


Executing it as we speak.


I only asked because my game just went funky and I only saw 5 minutes ago the update was live :wink:


Technically the update shouldn’t affect ongoing matches. Matchmaking should just stop working for you, until you update. Wouldn’t have any graphic issues in relation to that :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s what happened to me :smiley:


I got this too just now.

Currently doing the verifying game cache thing.


Can you guys open up Windows command prompt and type


and paste us your results?


I have the same issue, it is the reason to why I registered on this forum so I could post it haha. It happened the two games that I tried and every hunter I played with had the same issue.


Paste results of what, though? It opens up this control panel thing.


I got pretty much the same issue since the update. Little different, but likely the same issue. I verified the files, and they said they were all good. I have an AMD card if that helps at all.

I ran dxdiag and this is what I got.


Oh, that’s what he meant?

Here’s mine then:

Nvidia card here.


Any word if that fixed the problem?


At the bottom select the “Save All Information” option and save the text file and upload it here


Alright, on it.


It won’t let me upload the txt file. If I paste the contents, the post will be MASSIVE.