Black screen[Bug on launching]

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): Any
Character: Any
Map/Map Location: Any
Game Mode: Any
Platform: Steam
1.When i try to turn on the evolve, it comes to start, but for 3 seconds its black scree, then crashes and nothing happens.
2.Tried making those .xml file deleting, didnt help.
3.turned off all firewalls etc.

CPU: intel i3@530 2x 2.93ghz(boosted)
GPU: Gtx960
Motherboard: Gygabyte GA-P55-05B3
12gb of ram

Thanks for any anwsers

TRS is no longer able to work on the game, Evolve now belongs to 2K Games so you might have to report it in the forums of 2K…but I don’t think they’d care that much.

Thanks, might work.

Remember that 2K Games isn’t a development team but a publisher, so they won’t do much to fix your problem.

In that case, it is possible, that here in this topic anyone could help me?

Hi there MoNoLy7he, welcome to the TRS Forum. :slight_smile:

Take a look through this topic and see if there is anything that might solve the issue.

Otherwise, I’d recommend submitting a 2K support ticket. Here’s a link to the support ticket page and their forum.


Best if luck. :slight_smile:


Yes that’s the stuff. :point_up:


Topic can be closed, 2k replied ( fast af, didnt excpect that) and evolve works again.
Thanks for all replies!


Glad to hear it. Happy Hunting. :wink: