Black Market Copies...kinda


So people are streaming Evolve (PS4) right now. As far as I know the press release is only on PC. I’m assuming these folks have stolen/bought illegally copies. Will bans be given out for those brave enough to stream it? Or will Turtle rock not care cause it’s just more free marketing. Thoughts? Yes I’m a jealous punk lol.


I heard something about some retailers not giving shits and are selling copies already.


To be fair it could just be the distributor just delivering them earlier than release date, it’s a pretty common thing for online pre orders


There are PS4 and Xbox 1 press release copies but I’ve also heard that some stores broke the street date. Whether they can play online and stream or not I dunno.


what luckyhat said. it’s really annoying that i have it preloaded but cant play. i think game does this early release shit to biggest basement dwellers.


How do they become basement dwellers because they purchased a game retail and got it early? Wouldn’t someone who doesn’t plan on leaving their house to get a product fit the basement dweller title better?


i know people that serially purchase and resell to game for store credit

it’s really weird compared to just buying games on steam

you can preorder from game over the internet; lol


Some of them got a press-version, but others just got their order delivered earlier
Severs are up for press-version and so the ones with the early arrived versions can play too


Yeah I just read about them handing out some press release PS4 copies…what I get for raging first then reading later lol. I’m simply a jealous mo fo right now! I’m ready to play myself


The amount of envy of people I’ve seen this last 2 days is astounding


It didn’t occur to me that some folks just got super lucky and got the game shipped to them early…


I’m sure there are also people who aren’t part of the press release who are playing. Developers can’t do anything about stores breaking street dates, and you can’t punish consumers for buying games legally if the store is dumb enough to sell them. Nothing will happen, nothing should happen.


It’s cool bro you got one more day.


Thiefs. Curse it and crush it. We hates it forever.


Great points


Don’t worry you ain’t completly right nor wrong.
Yes some people got it because stores gave it earlier.
Yes some people got it for press release.


As someone who worked at GAME (at least that who I think you’re talking about) they are really serious about street dates when it comes to employees granted you also get first pick on the stuff that comes in unless a customer wants it and yes if a shipment does come in and the system gets updated early you can actually ask to buy the game under a “soft release” as long as you’re not an employee well that’s my personal experience in my store because it’s all up to the manager and my one held back limited edition sky landers stuff for his kids so it’s all up to the store and manager and if they like you.


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Apparently these are PS4 press copies, according to TRS. There is a post somewhere here on the forums about it.


Fair do’s that’s probably why then.