Black Desert Online: Who gots it?!


For those who don’t know, Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO that released yesterday, minimum price is 30 euros, and after that you play for free.
I’ve been hyping this a while, but I’m wondering… Is there anyone else out there playing?! The game is beautiful, and feels promising!

This here be me main, Sallen, she’s a Valkyrie;

I play her when my boyfriend plays. I rolled an alt just now, his name is Adarach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and he’s a Berserker :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the cat selfie. I’m not big on mmo gaming, but it looks nice!


It’s extremely interactive! Okay, so, my berserker here, he’s HUGE. Really tall. You open a door to enter a house and he has to duck underneath to get inside XD
Oh… And, when people bump into you, you get knocked aside!
OH AND PARKOUR! You can climb and run along rooves and stuff!


It had my attention. The only problem it seems to me that it is too hardcore, don’t have enough time to play it decently…

but looks and plays great I think!


You suggested this to me awhile back on a thread of mine and I checked it out and it grabbed my attention, the character customization sounds really good, and the game looks fun! I really don’t know if I’m getting it now, though. With The Division coming out Tuesday, then Dark Souls III next month. I most likely wouldn’t have time because I’m as well currently playing Smite on PS4. :smile:


What? When?


Is your gender autoselected depending on what class you choose? Like, only female Valkyries, only male Warriors?


Been like 2 weeks now lol
IGN gave alpha codes. Idk if there are anymore but you can try

Now… We’re going off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:


This game looks great and i want it so bad (console scrub here) but i never have money for anything sadly.


Ah, this is that Korean game I’ve heard a few people talk about.


Yep, classes are gender bound sadly :confused:


How far does the customization go?


Have you played the sims?


I could set my stream up now if you guys wanted to see some of the customization :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, that’s all I needed to know.


Yeah, that would be appreciated.


Coolio, gimme a few and I’ll get it online


Click here for Stream



My connection speed is too damn low! right now. Can’t even load chat. Sorry.