Bitter sweet win on Battlefly, only because they used a chase comp?


Got to say really disappointed at the Chase Comps in Battlefry on Sat. Think we saw them from more than one team too. Its well known amongst the community that chase comps increase the advantage for a team NOT by adding skill from the players, but (by using a Val, Sunny and Griffin) by shifting the META in their favour, making chasing, eluding damage, shielding, healing and slowing the monster much easier than normal, while making it much harder for the monster to do damage, escape or even move! It’s like switching the “Favours Hunters” switch in single player mode? Again, this is not an increase of skill from the players, its a means of shifting the power from one side to the other for an unfair advantage.

Now perhaps pH Keith (the monster) agreed to this comp before the game to help “level it out” a little as he is an exceptional monster player and competes at a high level! In that case all is well. But since this was the last “Match Game” and the hunter team had BANNED his main monster, Keith had to play a more unfamiliar monster anyway? Knowing this they still used the chase comp?


  1. Is using these kind of comps Unsporting in Esports?
  2. The match went 20 something minutes, do chase comps make games loooong and boring?
  3. Is there a place in comps that give teams an unfair advantage over an opponent without adding (to much) meaningful skill?


Poor sunny, always being called chase comp sigh. Eithier way, a team like that can be difficult to kill, I too am dissapointed in this.


Sweet* kappa


Sunny is overpowered atm, hoping they’ll help her next patch to be more competitive? Put her together with certain hunters is just so strong… sigh. Even without her, Griffin and Val is scary! One slowing to a virtual stop, the other stopping traversals, = sitting duck!


She is a problem, that ill admit, reluctantly however but still :frowning:


Sunny’s kit is fine, its just the balance of that kit. Being able to always have a shield drone up and never lose track of a monster is something that is just OP. Hopefully TRS can get her into the perfect spot where she’s still fun to play AND fun to fight!


I have seen what they plan on doing, I just hope they wont reduce thrust, but thats my opinion so…


Also does anyone know when the TU is coming out?


These Chase Comps have populated the meta for several months at this point. Of course it’s unsporting and not as skillful, but most important it’s boring from a spectating standpoint and just not as respectable from a competitive stand point.

In the end the team did nothing wrong, they used the tools the game provides for them and they knew the best chance of winning would be given by picking this comp. But, there’s a reason the game’s competitive scene & Hunt game mode is as insignificant as it is right now and comps that break balance like this are what drive players out of the game. At this point, I’d argue the damage chase comps have done to the game’s population & community is irreparable and the release of AAA titles has been the nail in the coffin for Evolve.

I used to be proud to talk with other competitive FPS players about Evolve’s potential. Bringing the game’s competitive viability up now gets me laughed off the stage so to speak.


While you may be right, my optimism is looking thw other way. Evolve has a chance to do better this year just like the last few months of 2015. Back on main topic, this comp has been looked at as deadly beforw, time will tell is it will die down a bit.



Long: Possibly. Any comp or monster can drag out a game.

Boring: That’s subjective.

Yes. Absolutely.


Fixed, you’re welcome.


That’s pretty subjective. Any evidence to back it up?


The devs themselves have stated they’re toning Sunny & Val back in the next TU.

If TRS is nerfing a character, that generally means the character is doing something better than they intended. There’s a reason the community has dubbed these comps “chase comps” for the game. It really doesn’t need much more of an explanation than that, there’s previous threads that have already exhausted this topic.


Question, do you feel that Emet is OP? Humor me and answer please, I have a point here.


It is rather unsporting.

Prettymuch the entire community (trolls and Christmas noobs aside) agree that the Chasecomp is bullshit through and through. No second thoughts.

And then using it in the final round of a tournament to get a win is just…Ech.

Everything is subjective.

General consensus among decent players is that Sunny with Val/Griff = godcomp, which is too strong.


Evidence from My POV. It’s just my POV but I’m sure others (especially monster players) will have evidence too?

Sunny as she stands now is to efficient. There’s lots of evidence for this. She can literally throw a hunter that is being attacked from one side of the dome to the other. If the monster goes after it’s lost target, with a little dodging from the target she has recharged her tool enough to do it again, and then again making it a fruitless undertaking.

A good monster might attack another hunter whiles her beam is on cooldown, but its not long before its charged enough to get that hunter out of trouble aswell… she’s good like that.

Her drone is so efficient that it can change targets so fast the monster barely has one strike against a target before they become invulnerable! Drones can be destroyed with three hits, or an ability, but a new one can be put up immediately and charges within a few seconds to make the team invulnerable again. It has a HUGE capacity. Hunters know not to break line of sight with it as this is one of its only weaknesses.

Her weapon is a mini NUKE that has a large damage area, and really hurts.

Sunny has no real weakness and is part of the dreaded chase comps that make the games of frustration that monsters hate. Chase games either end quickly at stage 1, or they create “Run til 3” that are long and boring and should be something we’re all trying to get away from? Even at stage 3,as it is now the monster stands little chance unless he can kill Sunny, which isn’t easy if the Sunny player is competent with her cloak.

All in all she is a great all round character that hunters want to play, but she is just so efficient she gives a bigger than normal advantage. Any advantage to one side is a weakness to the other, and then the balance is shifted.

No matter what side you’re on, unbalanced games aren’t fun, how can they be? It is after all the element of danger that brings the competition. Having it to easy or so hard makes it a worthless endeavour to even compete?

Anyway that’s my evidence.


I don’t feel that it’s bullshit, and I’m neither a troll nor a Christmas noob.


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You’re the odd one out then. And frankly if you don’t think Sunn/Val/Griff chasecomp is OP, then…Well you’ve either been fighting carboard tier hunters your whole time or you’re a godlike monster.