Bit of Evac Feedback


Would like some time inbetween games to change my class preference. For instance, in day 1, hunt, I might have

  1. Trapper
  2. Support
  3. Assault
  4. Medic
    But in day 2 nest, I might want to play assault, so would want to put assault to the top of the preference list, but there is currently no time (or like 3 seconds (apart from day 5)) in which to do this. So would therefore appreciate an extra 10 seconds after finding out the next days mode to change preference system.

When putting monster as the last choice on the preference list, is it possible to guaruntee the game to not make me monster? Not that I hate being monster or anything, but if I’ve just had 2 monster full Evac games, it’d be nice to have a change.
That is all. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


You can always choose what Hunter to be between rounds. In the top left click back and it will open up your slot that someone else can take by also going back. Just need to ask teammates. This is done when people are choosing which Hunter to pick.


I know! But sometimes they say yes, sometimes they no, othertimes they dont respond…