Birthday... Fail


Well …Tomb Raider… really??? I am greatly appreciative of gifts in whatever form, I just feel like I dropped enough not so subtle hints to family. In any event this will be mine eventually, I also got a Spiderman shirt so I can’t complain too much, just had my hopes crushed. It’s just the Alpha and Beta are so fresh in my mind I want to play moooore…like now. Great game guys, totally changed my FPS views.

Funny note, Evolve closed Beta and another Evolve title are both in library, I couldn’t figure out how there is two so I initially thought I got it, you should have seen my face… before and after realizing it was not true, hilarious. Hope you all have a bad ass launch day, I’ll see you soon enough.


I’m so, so sorry. To drop hints for Evolve and then get… that… you poor guy. It’s alright, you’ll play eventually.


Which platform?


That’s what Amazon wishlists are for.


I am on the PC, it was in steam from beta but it had the closed beta, i guess the other is from alpha?? not sure


maybe your family is dropping you hints?
Hint being that you should go on a adventure!


I can’t say that they are equal but I will say that as a person who never played an tomb raider game before I REALLY loved the new one.


I played a little bit of it so far and it isn’t bad at all.


You poor man… I’ll make sure to bring down a Goliath in your memory.


Tomb Raider (the last one) is actually pretty good. Though Evolve is Evolve :smile:


Gotta do it as Hank or it doesn’t count! haha

and thank you.


It was funny because I just tried the MP… got matched with 1 more player, we laughed. The game is pretty fun so far but you are so right, Evolve is Evolve.


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful either, the person who gifted it to me is someone I already consider a really good friend, I had won Wildstar and when it was popular I met some really good people and we all get along damn well. He is always trying to include me in any games we are playing and I got him the extra Beta key I was given because of the Alpha, he played one match and said “I’m getting this game.”. So at least I turned someone onto it, job done. 2 days guys!!!


Maybe the game is at stage 1 and it’ll evolve into Evolve?!? :open_mouth:


:open_mouth: :neutral_face:


I rarely finish games, but Tomb Raider is one. It’s one of my favorite single player games. I really enjoyed all the weapons and mechanics of it, it was challenging but also fun. Even though it’s not evolve, it’s a fantastic experience. The game itself is beautiful and I love the entire setting. It kind of want to go replay it now.


Also Tomb Raider is one of the few games i managed to finish.Its simply beautifull.Lara might have been the only character i felt for.I mean i liked her voicing that much that i was feeling sorry for her.


Voice acting isn’t bad at all, I like the direction they took her. If you could go ahead and sound like Hank by the 10th, that’d be great.


Would of got you it but it turns out I’m short, so…


I accept gifts from little people LOL no worries, bro! just something to talk about, pass the time for you lucky gamers playing this on release date, might not be super late to the party, anyway, looking like thursday-ish.