Birds randomly spooking? On PC, in hunt, not evac map effect


Like the title says, was playing a match on Orbital Drill on PC earlier today and randomly birds began spooking all over the map, sometimes right next to us while we looked for the monster. Again, this was in a regular Hunt skirmish and not during an Evacuation campaign.

Things that need fix

Some people have reported a bug where they are a playable “camera”.
They have the monster UI, empty armour, nearly empty health (2 bars total) and all they can do is walk and smell.

Maybe if one of these bugged players walks over birds, they are spooked? I don’t know.

Edit: Someone made a video of this confirming that you can indeed spook birds in this bugged mode!

He spooks the birds around 33 seconds into the video.


yes, exactly. When that bug occurs, the monster player is an invisible, ability-less entity that can only walk, smell, and startle birds. Once the invisible player is hit with an AoE, he ‘dies’ and assumes control of the real monster, which had been under AI control until that point.


Ahh. The guy on monster said something was really weird, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. Eventually he evolved to stage 2 and everything was normal again.


I’ve had quite a few bugs, but haven’t met this one yet. O.o


Having experienced this bug, I can confirm that you can spook birds when in “ghost camera” mode.


Wouldn’t be surprised if this bug is related to observer mode.


It might be, it’s recent.