Binds/Commands Questions


I mainly run the Original Campaigns solo misc category for now, and I have a couple of questions about the run, mainly to do with some certain binds and their legality.

Would the “changelevel” command be allowed? In the Left 4 Dead 2 forums here, I read up that using this command is allowed to switch between campaigns, rather than than exiting to the main menu after the ending. There seems to have been some controversy behind it, so I’d like to know if the same rule could be applied for this game, as well.

(Example: bind “f3” “changelevel l4d_airport01_greenhouse”)

This could also be done with the “map (mapname)” command, so if using one is allowed/denied, I’ll assume the other is the same. The only difference with this command is that pausing isn’t allowed at all throughout the campaign, as I’m assuming it creates some type of local LAN server as opposed to a client instance.

(Example: bind “f4” “map l4d_farm01_hilltop”)

Also, what about the crosshair commands? Would changing the crosshair to a custom one, rather than the default dynamic one, be allowed? By this, I mean using commands such as cl_crosshair_dynamic, cl_crosshair_thickness, cl_crosshair_red/green/blue/alpha, using the colorblind crosshair, and so on. This is purely cosmetic and will only be changed on the basis of preference. I tend to have a less intrusive and static crosshairs on other source games, but for the sake of run watch-ability and keeping the game as vanilla as possible, I can understand why this wouldn’t be allowed. Although this won’t serve as some sort of an immediate unfair advantage, this does beg the question of how much someone can change with the console and have a run still be considered legitimate; so this one doesn’t matter as much in the long run, as the game is still 100% playable with the default crosshair.

These may be considered stupid questions with obvious answers, but I’m just trying to get my facts straight. I’d hate to get a PB and have it denied over something as silly as a crosshair.


I’m a bit confused. If you’re just talking about playing solo, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using console commands. However, binding “changelevel” or “map” to a level destination doesn’t work, at least not in my experience.

While I haven’t tried those specific commands myself, I’m pretty sure all cl commands work just fine.

PB? Perma ban? You will never get VAC banned for using console commands if that’s what you mean. That said, any commands that require sv_cheats you’ll likely experience to be inaccessible on most servers though… but again, that shouldn’t be a problem if you only play solo games. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I misunderstood your questions. :open_mouth:


I believe they’re talking about rules for speedrunning. Im which case, it depends on the leaderboard hosting the runtimes.

Sorry we can’t be of more help.

Personally, anything you cant do on a controller is sketch… As soon as you add scripting, you might as well use a bot. However, my opinion is far from the norm.