Binding of isaac - wrath of the lamb. A weird star appeared


I have over 200 hours in this game, but I’ve never seen that weird star until now. O_o

Please tell me someone out there know what it is. :open_mouth:


'Tis the soul of Satan.


So it’s a good thing, right?


Wow, no idea what that is.
I’ve watched far too many hours worth of content of this game (Northernlion on YT, check him out) and cannot remember seeing that. :neutral_face:

Searches of “Pentagram in corner” find nothing of notice, damn.


…I am mildly concerned.


Excuse me?


It’s a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: Pentagrams? Summoning Satan? Mildly concerned parent who thinks their child is possessed? N-no?

…I’ll leave now. ;-;




According to the bible, Satan is much more kind than Yahweh. ^.-


Huh, that’s new to me!

I’ll hop on in a sec and look for it.

Can you remember any specific thing that you did before you got that symbol? I hear beating one of the game’s endings as a certain character gives them a symbol on their character sheet when you pick them but not during gameplay. How odd!

Could be something to do with the new DLC coming out, I suppose?



It’s only just occurred to me that you’re playing the old game and not Rebirth, d’oh!

I heard that game was updated recently but I can’t quite recall what was updated, I’ll try and have a look for you!

That article maaaaaaaaaay have something there to explain it, but that’s all I have right about now.


A new DLC? That sounds interesting. :smiley:

Yup, it only appears in Wrath of the lamb. (Dunno if it is also there in the vanilla version).

Didn’t even notice it was updated before I started pocking around on the internet, but I do believe it has something to do with that upate. My roomie just checked to see if I he got it as well and yup, its there.

The video didn’t explain anything about the star/pentagram thing. D:

Perhaps it just means its an updated version of Wrath of the lamb?


That being said though, do you have Rebirth yet?

That’s a silly because question why would you still be playing WoL if you did? It’s a brilliant game!


It’s not a silly question at all. I just prefer WotL above Rebirth.

Here’s a couple of reasons:

  • No enemies that will hit you instantly as you enter a room. (WotL that is)
  • It’s way easier to see Acid blood in the Womb (WotL that is) compared to Rebirth.
  • Some things look horrible in pixel art form.
  • The music in Rebirth is really good, but I still do prefer the music in WotL.
  • The HUD Is better in WotL IMHO.

However, there’s a lot of cool new things in Rebirth, but most importantly you can play co-op in Rebirth… which is why I have started playing that a lot.

… But when there’s nobody around to play Rebirth with me, then I prefer WotL. :stuck_out_tongue:


Completely understandable! Though there is a filter for the pixel art, maybe use that? Can’t say much about the other issues you’ve had with Rebirth so far, if it was online co-op then I would definitely play it with you! :+1:


Yeah, there’s a filter for pixel art, but it’s not gonna help the art assets read better. Oh well. :confused:

And yeah, if only the game supported online co-op. :sob:

… Perhaps that feature will come in an update one day. One can only hope. :smile:


Just gonna leave this here…


Awesome! Great video man. The video also reminds me of how great it is that Rebirth saves your progress.

The video didn’t explain the Star/pentagram thing though. You know anything about that?


…I’m beginning to wonder what the hell kind of game this is… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Bot I’ve been searching Google for answers. Nothing. Sorry. :frowning:


Yeah it is a bit of an odd game but very fun, especially if you’re into rougelike dungeon crawler games!