Binding of isaac rebirth (Afterbirth)


has anyone got it its on ps4 xbox one and wii u now i already have 7 ending


PS4? Nope, but I do own WOTL and Rebirth on steam! :smiley: They’re super good! I never realized it was released on Wii u, but can’t say that I’m surprised.


how do you beat it after ending 7 i cant do i have everyone


Keep on killing that heart, and you will open up even more paths, endings 1-11 come from Heart kills. Also if you happen to open up a deal or angel room on the kill, or have a joker card I believe you can go deeper without having unlocked it properly… been a long while since I’ve played a fresh save so my memory is a bit fuzzy on that.


i keep getting to the heart for ending 8 but cant kill it


Keep on practicing. You’ll get it eventually, either by development of your dodging skills or an overpowered item build.


I absolutely love this game. It’s what I play when I’m not playing evolve.

I’ve finally beaten both the Cathedral and Shoel routes with every character on normal to get the 6 sided dice for Isaac, working on hard difficulty now. Also finally got to and beat Mega Satan.

I haven’t started any of the challenges yet. So much content for such a small game.

Check it out on twitch, always a ton of people streaming this game, it’s what really got me into it.


whats the best item youve gotten


In terms of single items some of the best ones are Brimstone, Mom’s knife (though it can be tough to use until you get used to it) Proptosis, Cricket’s head, Ipecac (which you will probably kill yourself with until you get the hang of) and the Epic Fetus. But TRUE power in Issac come from synergy. And half the fun of learning the game comes from finding crazy interactions between items.


the best ive seen is daddy long legs with that decoy guy that enemies target


and how are you suppose to beat it with the lost


The six sided dice is a game changer, lets you re-roll any treasure room or boss room item.

Other than that, I like ipecac or brimstone for damage, always happy to find a red mushroom (all stats up), anything damage up (small rock, etc), as many flies as possible or mom’s contact lens for shielded tears, dark buddy to drop blue hearts, getting 3 cat parts to turn into Guppy. So many more are great, too.

Worst items: soymilk (tiny machine-gun-like tears with practically no damage), the (? Can’t remember name) effect that let’s you control the direction of one single big tear (always confuse it with technology device), bob’s brain always blows me up.


i think i have most of the bosses unlocked besides the triapchid


As you get better at dodging, you will come to hate that little decoy guy. When you are expecting an enemy to behave one way and he behaves another because he is going after that decoy… rage!

The lost, now there is a tough nut. The way I cracked him was a lot of resetting until the first room you spawn in has a cursed room attached to it. inside that cursed room there must be a portal to a devil deal with the dead cat (9x lives), or the dead cat itself. once obtained gently nudge yourself onto the curse room’s interior spikes without leaving the room, so you will die and respawn outside the cursed room.This leaves you with eight lives , so a single mistake will not shatter your run… one gets so sick of good runs being killed by unavoidable rng such as the beams durring phase two of issac, or the stomps of daddy long legs or triachnid.

Now with your eight lives you are going to be searching for a few key items, such as Holy mantle (one free hit per room), the Gnawed leaf, (standing still for a moment will make you invincible until you try to attack or move again), the stop watch (every room has the time slowed down effect (not to be confused with the broken stop watch) (DANGER: be VERY careful with this item… it makes the game extra easy… but it hides the color of champion enemies… getting exploded or hit by an 8 way shot because of this has killed many a great run), and every damage up you can find… guppy transformations crickets heads brimstones, the whole nine yards… they cannot kill you if they are dead before they move. A follower like daddy’s love that you mentioned is a great synergy with the gnawed leaf… if you have patience you can cheese through MOST rooms.

Another amazing Lost run tool is the combination of Issac’s heart, and the blood rights space bar item. (Issac’s heart moves your hitbox onto a heart follower… which is normally not a good thing… but in doing so makes Issac’s body immune to damage. the blood ritual damages everything in the room but hurt’s issac’s body. Since Issac’s body doesn’t take damage with the heart this means rapid fire spamming of the blood rights will demolish everything. edit: Yes… Issac’s heart is unlocked by beating Issac with the lost… but chances are you will still have more work to do on the Lost after that run.

One warning: you cannot use Judas’s shadow, or Lazarus’s rags, as theese items change who the game identifies you as. (you can pick them up but you cannot proc them if you want Lost credit)

The lost is ALL about two things. dodging skills, and the persistence to reset and grind for HOURS to find that one perfect run that gives you the items you need (and then to do it again for the other path… and if you didn’t manage it on the previous runs yet again for the boss rush). I can safely say that the weeks I spent clearing everything on the lost were the LEAST fun I had with Issac… but every time I come across the items I unlocked by doing it … or have an Eden start with them It feels damn good.


Careful with this one low tear rate builds without piercing can be killed by accidentally picking this one up…

In general I agree… but even this has a synergy that can save it. the zodiac sign Libra makes any stat up become a weak all stats up. so despite massive base damage reduction the obscene tears up ends up making it a net gain with this one item to work off of.

The Ludovico technique, it is one that needs synergy to be good as well. Grab this one run when you already have brimstone, or Godhead, and it will change your mind (might not make you love it… but is far from the worst ;))

As for good ol’ bob’s brain… it is evil… but if you are stuck on a low base damage run, it can be a life saver… and since I am all about the synergy, pyromaniac makes this guy harmless to you and in fact a source of near limitless healing.


the lost isounds hard to plaplay im not sure i can do it right now im judas with dark bum little steven and the heart


The lost is indeed hard to play. Consider him an endgame challenge to tackle when your played time is being measured by the hundreds of hours.


what does cube of meat and ball of bandages do


All Hail Guppy. :cat:


Those guys are orbitals which spin in a tight circle around Issac’s body which will block enemy shots, and do damage to enemies that you hit with them. They also are capable of being collected multiple times in the same run. The first instance will give you the base orbital, the second will turn the orbital into a face that spits tears, the bandage girl face’s tears also have a chance to proc a charm effect. The third instance will remove them as orbitals, and make them follow you around on foot; chasing after enemies. The fourth instance will make those forms faster (edit: or at least bigger and more responsive), and award you with an unlock the first time you manage it.

Using them as damaging orbitals is VERY effective; but also obviously very dangerous. It is a good skill to practice when your health is abundant… so you can use it safely when your health is not.