Biggest goof up of patch in gaming history, good job Relic


So those of you who play COH2 might have noticed the 3 year old amazing game broken today… IF your thinking im exagerrating here is a small glimpse of game breaking stuff in patch…

  1. Matchmaking locked to just one map in each mode and that map is worst in terms of game design
  2. untesed reinforcement mechanism allows units to go over squad pop cap and have 100 units in squads sometimes crashing game
  3. full squads equipped with certian type of special weapons which should have been restriced to 2 per squad

all these things are simplest to reproduce its like takes no effort to replicate…

Being a dev i can only imagine the OMG WTF did we do moment in post live meeting :stuck_out_tongue:





Company of heroes.

Real shame. My dads favourite game, gonna have to break the news to him now…


Never heard of this game. What is it about?


Oh, you’re too young to know this. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t really describe the game. I takes heaps of patience and extreme skill to pull off moves over your enemies. Here’s some videos:

Basically it’s a real time strategy game that takes an hour to play each match, which I ain’t got time for.


[quote=“Jev, post:5, topic:84164”]
too young


:joy::joy::joy: the first one tho


You think this is bad? Take a look at Painkiller HD. That crap was in development for years, had more patches than Evolve to this date. And when they were finally done with it, it was still broken, with fucking 0-day bugs and glitches still present. You can’t complete it, it runs worse than runner with Parkinson and it has missing content from original game.
THAT is real shit.


May be but it doest have a weekly ESL watched
by thousands of ppl and a online player base of 12K ppl every day… this shit patch went live 2 days before weekly ESL…


Damn. That IS worse.


A guy put up a comic video describing perfectly what went wrong in patch … Brad is a developer of COH2