Biggest "Are You Serious" Moments From Hunters


On Distillery as Wraith, I was once running from the Hunters with half health at Stage 2. This was before I developed my elite skills of course. They chased me down to the shorelines, but thanks to pre-nerf traversals I broke line of sight. I went to the building with those two big fins on it and hid behind one.

The hunters came directly my way, and I thought I was a goner. To my surprise, two of them went around the building on foot, while the other two went to either side of the fin I was behind, so while one could understandably not see me, the other was on my side of the fin and so close I could see the textures on his gun. I was completely exposed and absolutely nothing was between me and him - to this day I don’t understand how he didn’t see me.

But he didn’t. While they proceeded in the opposite direction, I fled for my life in the direction they had came from, staged up, and took them out.

So what gives, hunter? No peripheral vision in the future?

What are your biggest “Are You Serious?” moments from playing monster?


I was Wraith on the Aviary, and I was fresh off of stage 3 with no armor. Then I see the hunters and hide behind a rock (the snow part of aviary). I watch them murder an elite Crowbill and then, instead of following Daisy, they just walked away.
I ate the Sloth, went to the relay, and killed them all in 2 minutes.


There was that time on Aviary where I was a stage 2 Goliath and I hid in a bush.
My entire top half was sticking out.
They looked at me.
Then kept walking >_>
Genius hunters strike again


I was a Wraith and got domed at Stage 1. I lured them to a Megamouth and hid while they killed it. I Decoyed, went to the carcass while they fought the Decoy and tried to eat it but got interrupted by a stray bullet. When I uncloaked, I was couched in the carcass, apparently hidden while they spent the rest of the dome time looking for me. Nobody noticed my glowing tails sticking out of the Megamouth’s, well, mouth…except for one dude, who stared at it for a few seconds before moving on, ignoring it.

When they left, I ate the Megamouth and staged up. I still lost the match but their reactions during the replay was priceless. They were all circling my unintentional hiding spot.


Once I was a Kraken on Barracks. I evolved to stage 2 next to a bush, not too far from the hunters. Once I finished evolving, I smelled and noticed the hunters closing in. So, I took 2 steps to the right and hid in the bush. Abe, their trapper, came around a corner, saw my evolve spot, jetpacked over me, and kept going. The support, Hank, also tried to jetpack over my bush and keep going; however, he ran out of jetpack midair, fell out of the sky, and LANDED ON TOP OF ME, without noticing a thing.


I was once domed as a Wraith on Medlab, and decided to hide in some bushes… Then the support came into the dome right where I had left, saw me; and dropped an orbital right where I was… I had moved out of those bushes, and into another though. Next thing I know, he left like he never saw me. Trapper then dropped the dome, and I flashed away. Support told me after I killed them all “I knew I saw you!”. I facepalmed… He saw me enter the bush, and was certain enough drop his Orbital…


I was Kraken, during the beta, on the Dam. I’d just evolved in the caves and the Hunters were closing in, so I literally just pressed my face up against a wall and held still, whilst the Hunters flew past without seeing me, despite me being in plain sight.

I would have recorded this but PS4 weren’t allowed to record during the beta :cry:


they missed the dome while i was sneaking arround them.

after that ive went to the dome edge and looked them in the eyes