Bigger Penalty for Quiters


Edit : People hate this idea vehemently, so I guess it would be a bad thing to be implemented. The quoted post below outlines pretty perfectly my thoughts when I wrote the original post.

Original Post : Please make a bigger penalty for quiters, because it gets really frustrating that if you catch a stage 1 monster in a dome and they lose half health, they decide they’ve lost and quit, because they don’t lose anything by doing so. The 1 minute penalty is hardly a penalty.


They get a lose on their record.


Either they don’t know, or don’t care.


They probably think well I’ve already lost might as well leave.


Even extending the 1 minute penalty to 5 or 10 minutes. Just something to make them think twice :L


When ranked mode comes longer penalties will be fine, but not now.


The stage one quitters are ok with me. The game doesn’t last more than 5 minutes and we can get someone else in the lobby faster.

My problem are the people who drag games out forever by constantly running and hiding without actually trying to evolve or attack us the whole games. The people who want to play Wraith in pubs like a coward are some serious killjoys. Run and hide in bushes all game. Get to stage 3 without attacking us once, then quit once they lose the relay fight. They are the quitter I want to punish.


Like he said. Only bring it with Ranked mode.


Quitters should get a longer penalty if they’ve been in the game for more than 5 minutes.


That is ridiculous, go disconnect after they increase it to 10 minutes and see how much you like the idea afterwards. They don’t increase the penalty because they don’t want to be penalizing players who may have disconnected. I feel a loss is good enough, most players just are like whatever give up and leave. My issue is more with hunters than monsters, a monster player quitting is more like whatever, but one of your teamates ditching you midgame is the worst. I do feel like after a certain point you should not be able to leave a game unless you get an invite or you exit your client.


That might work for Ranked, Competitive matches. But penalizing players for leaving now just wouldn’t work. We had a topic recently about this too.

They’re leaving because they aren’t having fun. The only way you can make people stay is if the penalty for leaving is more punishing than it boring and frustrating to keep playing a match you aren’t having fun in. The problem here is that if the penalty is that harsh and you’re making people pick between two unfun options, they’ll take the third option, stop playing all together.

Ranked matchmaking is a good compromise here. No penalties for normal matchmaking, serious penalties for Ranked.


I’m not going to wait longer just because you cant deal with ragequitting.


Yeah. These penalities have to be assessed whether you were disconnected or the game crashed or your computer shutdowm, anything that takes you out of the game. That’s a solid reason not to apply harsh penalties on the only matchmaking mode available.

As for “ragequitting”, I don’t even see it as that. It’s boring as fuck to be stuck in a game for another 10 minutes when it’s clear the game is already over. This even applies to winning situations. I hate chasing a near dead stage 3 monster for 10 minutes because he thinks he might still have a chance with only 1 pixel of health while we have only two strikes total on the team. I’ve left games like that because HOLY CRAP I AM BORED, we won, moral victory, next game please!


Or you can be like me and just stubbornly run around the map forever(with less than a bar) and still win somehow…


Out of interest, why do you find yourself leaving matches part way?


don’t be a sour grapes, some ppl want leave, they should leave its THEIR game, lol remember other ppl have minds and souls too, this isnt YOUR world :smirk:

im sure you have left as well


Never ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Not trying to be too much of a sour grape, but some people just quit waaaay to early, when the match hasn’t even been decided. A stage 1 monster with half health can still get a ton more health by leveling up.

Definitely looking forward to the ranked play


maybe its a bug? i usually get kicked in 1 of 8 games at the early parts like within first 5 min, soo my advice

if its more than 2ppl leave its a bug and they get kicked out :frowning: it happens


I have a great idea. You get one free quit. You wait out the 1 minute timer and everything is fine. Your second quit, the game automatically uninstalls itself. If you reinstall and quit a third time, a man in a Goliath mask comes to your house and beats you with a rock.


The main developer will come to your house and wreck your gaming system if you quit