Bigger maps more customization to monsters


I love the game ita bad ass beening a big ass boss monster just seems like eveeytime i try nd get a game in its harder to get a match feel like people r loosing intrest just some of my ideas maps maybe alot of monsters roaming around multiple groups of hunters made the game more real looking maybe huge island to roam love the idea of the game just ways to make funnier . Different chosen in how monster evolve maybe instead of size it got speed or a different look so it would be my alpha monster every one looking for the notorious so n so monster ND he stay in the northern region of the map





No new customization to Monsters, we have skins for this. If players are not willing to buy, then that’s their problem. New maps, however, I am in favor of, and multiple groups of Hunters and more Monsters would be verrrry cool to have.

And please correct the topic name to “Customization”, please, not “Customazation.”