BigAlpha Confusion


I applied for the BigAlpha yesterday. But some threads are saying its closed? It says that its starting Oct 31st. I Haven’t gotten my access email back yet. I really don’t want to miss out. Can someone clear this up?


It’s closed as in no new codes should be going out by retailers if you entered a code regardless of after the fact your fine.


Meaning that some threads has been closed because of problem resolved/problem already exists etc.Don’t worry Alpha is for Oct 31st and no e-mails has been send out yet


Awesome thanks. I should receive my email back pretty soon right?


Ah ok thanks




If you mean confirmation emails, I don’t think we’re getting them.
For the emails with the download details, we don’t know but a good guess would around the 29th


It hopefully will come out today or tomorrow don’t worry your waiting just like the rest of us.