Big Wildlife - Majorly increase their HP


Basically all 4 meat creatures have way too little HP. For most of them it takes a lone assault a couple of seconds to kill them making a strategical use of them very hard to say the least.

Right now it is ah okay a dune beetle lets get over this ledge and unload lightning gun - proceed.

The best I can hope as a monster is to get them to hit once. Even if they hit me - who cares they hit like noodles.


Large animals hurt so they need low hp. The longer it takes to kill large creatures means more time for the monster to create distance or hunters to close distance. I find their HP to be pretty good. Especially if you are in a dome with 2 nomads and a dune beetle with an aggressive monster that uses the large wildlife you’ll see why them having even more HP really favors the Monster.


Well they can still introduce wild life that will majorly go after the monster (the crowbar sloth should already do that?)

Also they can be tuned to hit for less and have more HP if that is your concern, but I would see them be part of battles instead of 5 second pushovers.
Also who is at fault doming a monster with 2 nomads and a dune beetle? :wink:


Against good monsters you take the Domes you can get :stuck_out_tongue:


If you said against a bad monster you take any dome you get I would have believed you :wink:

Against a good monster it is especially useful to not dome in an unfavorable position, because that is exactly what a “good” monster will make you pay for.


So if a Monster is sitting with some large wildlife you won’t dome him? Just let him run away to another large wildlife spot?


Eeeeeh no.

One of the roles of the Assault class is to kill big buff Monsters in a timely manner.

This carries a risk, as the Monster no longer needs to spend time fighting to eat them.

We can talk about strategic use of wildlife when any of it hinders the Monster in a meaningful way.


Time spent? A monster at stage 1 needs like what 7 seconds for a kill on them. You need more time to eat it :smiley:


I only know of 1 dangerous spot and indeed in that area I won’t dome anymore. Also as a trapper I am always behind the team so picking another cutoff location is not that difficult it means running 20 seconds more.


But during that time the Monster is eating or engaging your team. In high tier play you just try to get a dome, trying to pick where you dome isn’t feasible.


Do you have a video backing you up? What I have seen was mostly the same way I play. Ignore the wild life alltogether.


Backing what up?


That high level monsters can use the wildlife, I tried it while trying out the skywraith and had like 10 consecutive losses (out of 12 total).


I have some from the Press Release/Beta but not sure which ones on my YT channel. I have several hundred on there. I’ll see if I can dig one up where I engage with hostile wildlife and use them to my advantage.


I think the big wildlife are just right. They do enough damage to make a stage one monster, or a monster with no armor, not want to mess with them, and create a bad spot for hunters at the same time. That being said, with all four hunters together they’re nothing, and when a monster has armor they can take them down fine without worrying too much. It’s all situational, and can be either good or bad.

As for the monster and big wildlife being in the same dome, as hunters you should just focus down the big one first, or avoid it all together, and as the monster you should run until the hunters are messed up by it, and then engage, or use the time they fight that to wait the dome out. Almost never should you try and have the big wildlife ‘focus’ the monster, because they are not controllable like that. It’s very hard to do so, and the four teammates will do more damage than it anyhow.

That’s just my experiences with them though :kissing_smiling_eyes: