There’s been a lot of discussion mainly in the fan base about a game mode coming out with more than one monster on the map whether it be monster vs monster or vs hunters and I have two proposals that honestly I just want to be heard, the first is for hunter vs monster. Why not make something similar to defend where the monster has a larger objective than the hunters? Maybe say there’s three separate generators around the map at once and an open map consisting of three monsters and three hunter groups, we can bring it down to two even if there’s a space problem, this way we don’t really have to worry about unfair advantages or spamming, only smart tactics in play by both sides. Second is the hunter vs monster. Perhaps make a mode with a “prototype” tamed lvl 1 monster that cannot evolve, (most likely Goliath) a lot like the minion monster except if the main monster defeats it without it being helped up it switches sides, so the advantage is fairly traded. The player’s could finally have their monster brawl and in a curiously altered way.

Macman said said this would not happen , although there would be extreme teamwork, it was just a joke sorry

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Yea I figured it wasn’t in the plan at this point, but I love coming up with ideas for this game; there’s so much that can be done with it, ya know?

Never say never…

Maybe there will be an Evolve 2. But at the same time the Dev’s said if we keep playing they’ll keep updating, and I love the updates. So conflicted x3