Big Input Lag Problem Playing As Monster On Console


Yesterday I played monster on Hunt 2.0 and something felt massive off. I tried cycling through all of the monsters, looking for a win because I was sucking with every monster. My Goliath play was just awful: I was missing 70% of my attacks and couldn’t finish off more than one hunter per game. Kraken should have been my saving grace, but the same thing happen: I could not combo to save my life.

After getting off, a thought popped into my head that would finally explain what was going on: there’s a huge input lag while playing online. To test the idea, I went into a Solo Hunt game that was devoid of any networking shenanigans. Sure enough, my attacks felt much better, coming out instantly instead of with a delay. Every attack was actually easy to aim and my monster play improved dramatically and felt 100% more fun. There was no fun in trying to fight the game to control the monster.

This is an extremely disappointing find that makes playing monster depend heavily on quality of connection, rather than actual skill. I am aware that lag does play a part of every online game, but the degree that it affects playing monster is bigger than any other shooter I’ve ever played. There are games that are similar to how monster plays like Rainbow Six: Vegas. Rainbow Six: Vegas had input lag, and it required players other than host to lead their shots. This was fair in a sense that anyone who wasn’t host had the same disadvantage. Evolve works differently though. Monster has lag input on ALL of his projectiles/abilities/attacks. Hunters have networking advantage in terms of their bullets because they do not have to lead. You can shoot any bullet based weapon directly at the monster and it will score as a hit. Not only is this unfair, but its also not very fun either.

For anyone that doesn’t play much monster, you have to understand that most monster abilities already on out on a delay anyways. What I mean is that for a leap smash to land, Goliath has to jump at hunter and wait for him to land on the ground or at a wall for the damage to connect. When you add input lag to that, it gets even harder to land a leap smash. If a leap smash takes 800ms to land, and you add 400ms of input lag that’s 1.2 seconds total it takes for an ability to connect. Hunters that kite around objects get even harder to kill when you add this unbearable input lag into the game and it makes the game much more frustrating.

Input lag is funny because it’s something you don’t really notice, unless its really bad or until its improved. For example: someone that switches from a big screen TV to a gaming monitor will usually notice a sense of increased control due to a reduction in output time. I play on a 2ms Samsung monitor, but my Sony 40" probably has a 200ms-500ms. My brother does not notice this difference while playing Call of Duty, but I do I and refuse to play competitive games on the regular TV because of it. I can’t even imagine having to deal with both Evolve Monster input lag and the addition of a big screen TV’s output lag.

What fun is it to get destroyed by a team of hunters, when you can’t properly control your monster? What glory is there in killing a monster that is handicapped from the start? I don’t know how the PC scene is, I’m assuming its pretty solid for the looks of the Quick Shot tournament, but as far as I’m concerned the console scene is dead. There’s really no sense of competition if monsters have to deal with this massive disadvantage that hunters aren’t even aware of.


The lag that affect the game is normally ping which is determined by your connection … how much distant between you & the servers … and TV specs

Input Lag I don’t think it has an effect on the game result


The original poster is talking about more factors than you are. Lag, input lag, screen refresh rate and networking all contribute to the speed of controlling a video game character in competitive online play.

You’re entitled to hold your own opinion, but please just allow others to continue this conversation. You simply do not understand the nature of the original post’s idea.


I agree. I can say that it seems PS4 input lag for Monster feels worse lately than it’s ever been.

But I’ve never attempted to measure it.


Here are some measurements from before. Not sure if they’re still accurate, though.


Just been farming some masteries as a monster offline, noticed some pretty significant input lag when playing Goliath.


Refresh rate … it’s included in The TV specs

The input lag: Off course it has no effect what is so ever on the game results . I don’t know about PS4 input lag but I play on X1-PC

I play 200+ ping normally on most of my games … I dodged monster attack but I receive the damage

When I have 105 ping … I can dodge and I can mitigate well … the ping (connection) is what making player perform bad

Input lag doesn’t effect dodge / timing of attack…


Yes, it is in the TV specs.

I rest my case.


Yeah, for some reason they decided to make every Monster action authenticated on the server before taking the client’s word on the action (and then the server’s word on the result). This literally doubles the delay on all Monster actions to be twice your ping. It’s always been like this, and is why customs and tournaments (Quick Shot included) always have the Monster player host the lobby – just to minimize this frustration. In comparison, virtually nothing the Hunters do is authenticated by the server, on top of just taking the client’s word on hitscan results. Some bad decisions were made with Evolve’s netcode early on.

They did somewhat address it by having ranked Hunt always choose a dedicated server closest to the Monster player, but Quick Play still prioritizes party leader location, of which the Monster player may or may not be near. It really would be best if they went back and changed the netcode to authenticate Monster actions during the client’s action and not waiting for it to clear with the server before starting it – synchronizing client and server would reduce Monster lag by about half (the responsiveness of other online games) and if done correctly, not result in any exploits even if state snapshotting is used as a bruteforce desync solution.


That video is wrong. He slowed the video down first and then stopped the time. That doesn’t make sense. It only shows that input lag on console is higher than on pc, but the numbers themselves are wrong.

I think it would be better if @TatzyXY removes the video from youtube.


I’ll recategorize to bugs even though it’s about hardware issues, if it’s ok for you and if @Jedi_Warrior agrees with the category.


The bugs category seems fine to me. People have noticed it more with different monsters so that seems a little buggy to me. If a dev can specify whether it is technically a bug or not then I’d say leave it in bugs. :slightly_smiling:


It makes sense. You can see that the input lag was higher on console than on pc. Just the timer is not in sync with the slow motion. But you still see that there was a issue.

But this issue got fixed in 8.0 so Yes I can delete the video.

But we still have these issues on console what screwes your aiming.


I play on Xbox one but there is an input lag when you use a wireless controller, it’s approximately 50 ms.
BUT you can put in an USB-cable and connect it to your console and the input lag will be gone.

I don’t know if it works with a PS4 but you can always try.

An other tip, do you calibrate your TV for PS4? Some TVs have some options for video latencies.
The standard option will at most be set for regular TV channels there you don’t need adoptions which compensate for the input lag.


That don’t happen when I play on Evolve on my ps4! I’m sure that’s your tv or controller that’s the problem probably your tv or monitor.Try putting it in “game mode” see if that makes it any better or turn off all the post processing options off your tv that cause added delays.


Wow that video makes it painfully obvious.

But that short input lag really makes a difference to me…


[quote=“Angry_gamer88, post:15, topic:84324”]
That don’t happen when I play on Evolve on my ps4!
[/quote]That video is slow motion to see the differences… You are probably like me, can’t even tell the difference in game.


This issue got fixed in 8.0. It was recored before 7.0. I really have to delete this video :wink:


Here is my original thread and it got fixed, verified by myself.


Man this really sucks. Kills Hunt 2.0 for me.