BIG feedback list after playing +40 hours in the beta


Dear TRS developers,

After playing the beta for about 40 hours, I have come to a verdict:

The game is, and it pains me to say this, nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. There is, just, SO much wrong with it. I don’t know where to start. I guess it is just best to sum things up:

-the monster’s traversal abilities are too good and cover too much ground. How much distance the monster can travel is just absurd. You are simply running/trying to cut the monster off for 90% of the time during a match. It get’s stale and boring, no ‘thrill of the hunt’ or ‘He is close, but where’ situations. just, running. Endless running.

-Even if the trapper is close to him (literally right next to the monster) and throws the mobile arena, the monster can STILL get out of the arena because of his movement abilities. And as soon as even a tiny part of his body is out of the arena’s wall as it comes down, he will get pushed out. Why? He is inside, why does he need to be pushed out?

-And then, when he FINALLY is in the arena, the monster can just run around the edge of the mobile arena in circles until it expires. Sure you can cut him off, block ways with mines, but it is not enough. The first arena you get on him the monster pretty much always has full armor. He can just keep running away within the arena and it will expire before he loses all his armor. And then it’s back to the running again!

The game just favors monster’s too much in general:

-Why can the monster deny elite buffs by fully eating the bodies, but the hunters can’t other than killing the albino and hoping the body decomposes before the monster get’s it (good luck with that if it’s a big four-meat monster).

-The wildlife so heavily helps the monster than it harms him. Sure, he can’t feed around say an aramdon or a Dune Beetle, but there are plenty of spots to feed anyway. Now compare that to a tyrant or a dune beetle that is chasing the hunters around in the mobile arena. Or the mammoth birds constantly zapping the hunter’s. Or a plant getting a strike because a hunter went alone.

-Why does the weather have to favor the monster too? Fog makes him hard to see at long range, rain makes it next to impossible to find him. The blizzard may decrease his smell range, but that’s nowhere near of what it does to the hunter’s vision and reducement in tracks.

And some other parts that just feel wrong with me:

-Why is he getting bonus stamina and becomes completly uncatchable if he get’s shot? You have to hold you fire (even when you are right next to him!) and let your trapper get close in order to dome him. This feels so contradictive. Why can’t we just shoot him to chip his armor down before we set the arena up, or shoot him so we scare him away and lead him towards the trapper’s position? Now you have to hold your fire otherwise you are actually helping the monster!

Following that, it still feels (same as back in the alpha) that Val’s tranq’s are a necessity. she’s the only one apart from the trappers who is ‘allowed’ to shoot the monster and make it at least bearable for the team to chase him down and the trapper to cut him off. I haven’t play Caira and I guess her adrenaline field kind of has the same effect when you are chasing the monster, but this leaves absolutely no reason to take Lazarus against a monster that run’s away all the time (which is 90% of the monster players).

And this also brings up the necessity of Hank and his shield gun. Without that, there is no way of keeping the trapper alive if the monster just ignores everything and goes for the trapper. No matter how much damage the other support’s might bring, it won’t be enough to break his armor before the trapper is downed and the monster walks free The cloaking field does not cut it in terms of protection, the monster can quite easily find hunter through the cloak anyway.

Now for some hunter/monster specific feedback:


-Hyde: Again, I still do not understand why the toxic grenade has to slow down the hunter’s. I know that this prevent’s it from spamming, but you have to be so careful with throwing it that it is almost not worth it.
How about this: Give it a much longer cooldown (30 sec) and let the gas cloud last longer (20 sec) and have it not slow allies. Now Hyde can create a small ‘no-go’ zone for the monster (while he is still required to think about where he will throw it because of the long cooldown) and allies to seek shelter in the cloud. And have the toxic cloud not interrupt feeding, so a body is not immune to being eaten if the team has Lazarus on the team.

-Bucket: Oh boy… where to start with him… He just feels so inferior to Hank and Cabot.His rocket launcher pretty much does the same damage as the laser cutter, only the cutter can benefit from weak spots for bonus damage. And the turrets are either destroyed by collateral damage from the monster’s abilities or the monster just moves around the dome and the turrets will barely shoot at him. Maybe change them so that they can slowly fly on the air and chase the monster, just like the hunter win bonus from Armory in Evacuation?

And then on to his UAV. Bucket is still unable to tag the monster when he sneaks and now he can’t even ping the monster if he sneaks. This forces Bucket to keep flying next to him, putting even more distance between him and his teammates. While I understand that you don’t want to have the UAV as a ‘scan’ for a well-hidden monster, I feel that if Bucket can keep the UAV’s crosshair on the monster for 3 seconds, it should start placing the tracking dart in him no matter what. That way, it will prevent bucket from simply scanning an area if the monster is well hidden, but still allows him to put a tracking dart on him if he sneaks.

And the fact that sometimes Bucket is so far behind the rest of the team because he was in his UAV makes it not worth using when you want to. A suggestion: Have Bucket’s body follow the nearest hunter, but with reduced movement speed. And since he doesn’t have a head, the body will just walk straight through everything and thus needs to be protected or it will probably get eaten by the wildlife.


-The Kraken is incredibly strong, though he does feel more a bit better since the alpha. Still, it is next to impossible to dodge a Lightning Strike. The only way to avoid it’s damage is behind some thick cover, since it still hits you from the side most of the time if he lands it next to you. I get a feeling that the Lighting Strike is way easier to land on PC than it is on consoles, hence why it kind of stayed the same since the alpha. I hope it will become easier to land/dodge on PC as well, because right now it is guaranteed high damage every time.
The Vortex’s knockback is also very rough, even on level one. If you are hit in mid-air by it, you’ll fly back at least a 100M away. If that was the trapper, have fun running after the monster for at least another five minutes again. It also makes it incredibly hard to get close to the Kraken if he has the high ground.
He will just push the assault or support who are going in for damage away. By the time they are trying to get back up, it’s ready and he will knock them off again.

-You already mentioned that the Wraith is going to get a nerf to the decoy’s cooldown (thank go!) But I don’t think that it’s the main issue. Why is the wraith the only monster that can use his traversal ability (warp) three times with no cooldown in between? The Goliath has to land and aim his new leap and the Kraken has a second or two in between air-dashes before he can use it again. The fact that he has no cooldown in between his warps makes him pretty much impossible to catch while he is in the dome. His low armor isn’t even a problem because he can just avoid so much damage thanks to how quick he can warp multiple times and just get away from the assault.

Another part, but I think this is a bug: Do the Wraith’s warps break harpoons? We’ve tested it out and it felt like it. Our Griffin was right behind him and he warped away, breaking the cable. No melee attack, no terrain in the way and it wasn’t a decoy either. The Wraith pretty much felt immune to harpoons that way. Can you please confirm if the Wraith can actually be harpooned or not?
I also don’t understand why decoy has to do BONUS damage on his attacks. It is already irritating that something like a decoy does damage and he basically get’s damage for free, but why does it have to be half a hunter’s healthbar with one attack on a lvl 3 decoy? Suggestion: Either reduce the damage, or make the decoy’s attacks normal ones instead of the heavy attacks it does now. This will also reduce it’s damage and prevent the annoying knockback it does.

That’s all I can think for now. It is SUCH a shame that all these points just make for a less fun experience. Because when we are fighting a decent monster that doesn’t run away all the time, we are having the time of our lives! The game is so much fun during good fights, palm-sweating chases and close stage-3 fights. We don’t even care if we win or lose in those matches, we were more than happy that we finally fought a monster that didn’t run away all the time.

Alas, my three teamates who I played with have actually canceled their pre-order for this game because of the above reasons. They don’t see a future in it. I don’t want to give up that easily and I know this can be a hell of a game, but right now it, unfortunately, is simply not fun to play as a hunter. Every game, every dome, every chase it just feels like the game favors the monster.

I hope this isn’t too much of a rant, I heavily respect all at TRS and 2K for even attempting to make a game like this and doing an amazing job at it. But right now it is too one-sided. Even if the telemetry says otherwise, keep in mind that the win/loss ratio might be different on PC than it is on the consoles. And win/loss ratio doesn’t say anything about the fun of running after the monster all the time.




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