Big Evolve Balance Feedback


This is just my general feedback concerning the game as of the 2.0.6 Patch, mostly detailing my concerns over balance and such. Since the community seems to be valued and responded to, I felt like posting my thoughts on the game’s progression.

I have played Evolve since the Open Beta on Xbox One. I enjoy playing the monster for it’s sheer power and involved, calculating strategy. I enjoy playing the Hunters for the various individual abilities and teamwork. I’ve been able to make new friends and find formidable opponents. I can say that I’m now highly skilled as both Monsters and Hunters, although I consider myself a Monster Player.

Now even Evolve has it’s flaws, like any game that is released. Thankfully these flaws are addressed pretty quickly (compared to other studios) and I appreciate the effort that is put towards making the game better. I do have a few concerns that I’ve seen echoed in previous posts, as well as a few that may just be me.

First, I want to talk about the monsters.

Goliath is solid. I have no complaints over him, as he is fun to play with and against. Either side has a valid chance at success, which leads to some interesting battles.

Kraken is a decent monster to play as, although playing against a skilled Kraken isn’t very fun. There are little options to pull him on the ground, he’s hard to hit with certain weapons (although these issues are being worked on), and I’ve heard many players requesting he be nerfed. I honestly don’t know enough of Kraken to say whether or not he is OP because I haven’t played as him very much. I judge after playing on both sides.

Wraith is a difficult subject. I originally couldn’t pick Wraith without receiving some form of hate mail after winning or by having my opponents quit the match, leaving me searching for a match to participate in. I never did the Wraith Warp Blast dash trick to escaped Domes (as I hate using Warp Blast) but fully acknowledge the fact that having opponents exploit this trick was… frustrating. When her nerfs were being shown to the public, I was happy to see them even though my job as a Wraith was going to get harder. Now I say the nerf was a little too much. I get that her speed was an issue, but now she has no chance of escaping a good team of hunters (ESPECIALLY when tranquilized). I can’t traverse anywhere unless I use Warp Blast, which I don’t think I should be required to use if I play as her. I would like the devs to at least leave me with one speedy option of retreat, because as it is I can’t find any escape method as of now.

Behemoth started out weak, but has since been put onto an even playing field. I don’t like how Crow’s stasis gun can pretty much disable Big B’s traversal though. Rock Wall has become essential when playing against Crow or Val. Otherwise I love Mr. B.

Now I won’t go into every individual hunter, but I will say that most hunters are effective when used correctly. Which means the Medic healing teammates, Hank using his shield, Trappers throwing the arena successfully, etc. But sadly, I don’t see that often in matches when playing on either side. Val only using her sniper or hank trying to laser cut you when you’re focusing on someone else or the trapper not pulling up the dome after missing. Ever have that? Facepalm worthy. I wish more people used their mics like in the Beta, but that’s more of an individual thing on our ends.

Assaults are pretty good, after Torvald’s mortar cannon nerf. Wish Markov had a little more love from players in matches.

Supports are solid besides Sunny’s jetpack boost, which you’ve heard of before. I’ve heard of a glitch involving multiple or a floating Cupcake the Shield Drone, but never experienced it first hand.

Medics are cool, even though Val can spam the tranq gun forever. I’m guilty of doing that though. :pensive:
Slim Jim’s spore cloud could be a bit more clear on it’s radius too.

Trappers are awesome, even though Gobi can detect behind himself sometimes. Griffin’s spikes got a needed buff too which I liked.

Overall, this game is amazing and pretty evenly balanced despite some glitches here and there. Nothing to worry about though!

Now to all the fine people at Turtle Rock. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this game. I see it in the map layouts and character designs, the artwork and character interactions, the live streams and the constant updates, the forum replies and the helpfulness that we receive from you. The millions of hours poured into this game have resulted in a game worthy of international praise. I wish you all success in the future, as you deserve it after everything you’ve done. That includes the people who don’t actually work for Turtle Rock or 2K and just help out. I look forward to seeing what you all do next!

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A cookie for not using the abused “Slim Shady” thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh… you know what? That would be the first thing I’d nerf about Crow if it was needed. Just change the angle he scans under so he can’t spot Monsters which are somewhat behind him.


Sound feedback.

I agree with Goliath, Kraken and Behemoth feedbacks entirely. With the latest micropatch’s Anti-Kraken changes, he needs a settling period so we can see how he sits now (I think I’ll be playing a lot of Kraken again to check this out). Hopefully it’ll be more of a challenge vs Hunters.

Wraith is a touchy topic. If I start in on that, it’s akin to walking into a carnivorous plant… So I won’t for now.


Thanks. I really like cookies. Is it chocolate chip?


Thank you very much!

Wraith is indeed a sticky subject. The whole UP or OP topic is something best avoided.


Kraken review - 6-7 games - Hunt

After a few games against a disorganised team, I founds some hunters (Caira, Hank, Maggie and Parnell) that did very good.

Parnell kept up the pressure and did massive damage, with Hank’s shields protecting him and the others. Hank mainly attacked with laser cutter and used shields (shockingly, no orbitals o.O). Caira kept the team healed and helped them get away with her field, and Maggie was able to mess me up by causing me to have to repeatedly disengage. I DID make some bad calls (such as not choosing Banshee’s at stage 2, and overcommitting), but the team worked together well, and made the domes hard on me.

The traversal change made it harder to get away, allowing the hunters to catch up using caira’s field, and Parnell’s SS. I noticed the hunters were able to dodge a lot of my lightning strikes quite easily. Movement around during aftershock is at a good place I think. It wasn’t too hard for them to dodge it, as long as they hadn’t been wasting their jetpacks too much.

It feels like Kraken is near the sweet spot, potentially. I look forward to testing him out a bit more over the next couple weeks (From the kraken perspective).

Perks I used:

Movement speed
Feeding speed
Armour regen

Kraken - Elite

[Sorry for the tons of text :stuck_out_tongue: ]


Movement speed Kraken, have you no shame? Do you only play to guarantee 4 people have a miserable experience?


I wanted to test out the movement speed perk :stuck_out_tongue: I try to pick perks that will have as little effect in combat as possible as well so that I can get a more real feel of Kraken’s raw strength, but those three perks are likely to be highly used (other than the obvious damage boost), so I gave them a go too.

Further testing revealed, people playing public skirmishes generally suck. There’s too little teamwork, and Kraken is able to easily capitalize. When a team works together, things get closer.

Looking forward to the banshees update for PS4. I’m guilty of spamming banshees in fights to create chaos and counter slim’s spore clouds. Things will become a lot harder with the 1 second delay, but I hope it doesn’t render the skill useless.


If you have a miserable experience then that’s on you…


I agree on Goliath he is in a good spot. I feel like Behemoth’s roll is too costly on stamina atm, and that for a giant rock, he takes too much damage, like he should have more damage resistance or something, because it feels like his overall slowness makes him a less tough monster than Goliath, who is almost as durable, but like 100% more mobile. Kraken I think does well with his ranged abilities, but I keep reading he is bugged, so fix that. Wraith I think TR went the wrong direction with. Wraith always gave me the impression that she was meant to be the stalker of the monsters, a guerilla warrior/predator who was fast, hard to track n catch, and could pick off hunters singly. Instead, they nerfed those aspects of speed and stealth and made her a stronger up close fighter…WTF?