Big crew on the Laurie Ann


So, at the end of the season we should have 20 people on the Laurie Ann, most of them recruited in less than 5 days. But what will happen after? What is the situation in Shear? New hunters will just be added to the crew, or we will see a new ship? If Im not wrong there is even a quote from Cabot I think, he says “We are running out of beds” or something like that.
So, theories? Some rumors? Leaks? Idk, I need moar lore!


Being on Shear is a problem they’re trying to get out off. Nearly every civilian is already off world at the current time of the lore, but Cabot’s team is stranded looking for a Patterson device to conduct FTL travel.

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Aaaand there it is:


If they get away there would be no more game, or the monsters would colonize other planets? Maybe new maps in OTHER planets? :open_mouth:


Like it says in the link, people take shifts.

Also nothing wrong with bunking up unless youre homophobic.


And even then, there’s a perfectly good floor.


Its the end. Its inevitable.


I dont think it all takes place in five days. Im pretty sure evacuation ended and now theyre finding a way off the planet. Unless you mean they were all recruited in those five days, which would make sense since you can play the DLC characters in evac.


How so? I don’t think a Homophobe would care if two men/two women slept in the same bed due to lack of space. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that I’m not a homophobe by any means and as such don’t speak from experience but still.


There’s a lot of dropship banter about them pursuing the monsters after they get off Shear. Keep in mind that Shear is not the first planet to fall to the monsters and that they are likely to continue attacking the next human inhabited planet. I really hope we get to see and play on another planet than Shear. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shear, but I can’t say no to new wildlife and environments and whatever else extra story goodies a new planet would have to offer.


I think the men outnumber the women on the ship.


Ya but most people, if given the choice, would bunk up with someone of the same sex. Otherwise it’d be AWKWARD as all hell.

Unless they’re Abe of course but yeah.


The Dropship is not the Laurie-Anne.


Men in the military bunk up with each other, Hetero men, sometimes they even cuddle if it’s too cold and they don’t have blankets. So I don’t see what would be the difference here. Unless someone really is a homophobe. In which case they can indeed sleep on the floor, who cares.

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