Big changes to Domes time(and recharge) and unlocked matery in rank are coming


Someone asked a question on meta state and Darren gave us a little information on what changes we can expect


How are you guys feeling about the game’s balance at the high level of play? Currently it is common knowledge that at the high level Monster is at a disadvantage - with the most “viable” one being Kraken (and even he isn’t that impressive), which is why he’s picked in almost all competitive matches in this patch.
The game has been in this state (Hunter favored) for months, and the last patch didn’t seem to change the state of the game all that much, although now Goliath has been completely phased out in favor of Kraken. Are there any upcoming changes meant to balance out the game when playing at the higher level or are you guys more concerned about Monsters easily defeating Hunters at lower levels of play?


“At high levels, it does seem like there is some Monster disadvantage. Particularly in the games dome pacing. High level teams are really utilizing that 45-60 second cool down very well. This is a knock on affect to the instant dome that we didn’t immediately see. We have some fixes in the pipeline that the balance team is testing now. We want the monsters to have some breathing room to prep for each dome. We are testing removing the class ability cool down reduction from the reload perk and adding 10 seconds to the dome. That will give the dome a standard 70 seconds and a lot of breathing room for the monster, it also will make slim/caira/hank comps a little more easy to break. We are also testing adding armor on the evolve to counter the hold the dome meta. So far things have been feeling good.”

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Changes tested and are going to be implemented in the next title updated


  • Class abilites(Cloak, Heal Burst, Dome, Personal Shield) will no longer be affected by Reload Perk/Buff.
  • Their recharge time will be adjust acordingly to balance out some of the characters.


  • Dome will still last 60 seconds
  • Cooldown/Recharge timer will be capped at 70 seconds.
  • This means Reload Perks and buffs no longer affect it.
  • Megamouth buff will still affect it like normal.


  • Heal Burst will no longer be affected by Reload Perks and Mammoth bird buffs.
  • Megamouth buff will still affect it like normal.
  • The medics recharge time will be adjusted acordingly to accommodate the change.
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I really hope this rolls out as a single change. Would defo changes things greatly.

Some great stuff being tested out. Would be great if we could get more reports on things being tested and whether they seem to pan out or fall through and why.


Brandon? Darren?


Sorry I’m confused, both equally cute guys. Cute guys confuse me.

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Could someone explain this cuz it doesn’t make sense to me.


they’re testing to give you armor when you evolve, instead of evolving and losing all your armor and ending up a stage higher, but ‘naked’


It could mean two things.

  1. the monster will have some more armor after he evolve
  2. monster will get a few bars of armor while they are evolving, forcing hunters to do more damage than before. It’ll make Orbital bombing evolves just a tad bit less punishing.

What about Parnell though? I always catch the monster while its evolving (unless they went movement speed or juked me etc.) it’s bad enough no one likes him now this ;_; I guess no more Parnell for me.


Yea you are going to bring back dome holding with a vengeance doing this, adding armour won’t change anything. Every single match the dome will be held for each evolve.

I can already see monsters evolving in domes to gain armour, and if caught stage 1 just evolve right at the end of the dome, so many issues. Just evolve the second the dome drops and take no health damage

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I entirely disagree. If the choice is to dome a fully armoured stage 1 in a place of my choosing, or a partially armoured stage 2 in a place of their choosing, I know which I would take.

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[quote]In Hunt 2.0, the next title update will unlock all masteries and character perks so that everyone is on an even playing field.[/quote] Woot woot! Macman made this comment 5 days ago in that same Reddit thread, yet I haven’t seen this discussed on the forums. O_o


Yeah this should be disccused more.


That’s kind of lame if it’s true; what was the point of grinding all of the characters only to have them be completed at no effort? I feel a little cheated :confused:

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It’ll still be important for every other mode, but hunt is meant to be more of a level playing field

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hmmm… Perhaps I should have posted the entire comment? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go.

[quote]In Hunt 2.0, the next title update will unlock all masteries and character perks so that everyone is on an even playing field.

In Skirmish, players of similar rank are already matched against each other, helping to make sure they are on a similar playing field as well.

Masteries were created to help players learn how to use a new character. We wanted everyone to make use of all their pieces of gear. You don’t really want a Markov player on your team who only uses the Assault Rifle, for example. A good Markov player makes use of all his tools. So we used character unlocks and stat improvements as incentive for people to go through those mastery exercises and hopefully they learn how to use all of their stuff in the process.[/quote]

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I hear what you’re saying, but shouldn’t that be the responsibility of said player to get what character they want elited? If they don’t have it then that should be a problem they need to take care of, not have it unlocked because it’s not “fair”. If anything, get rid of the buffs in 2.0.
I just feel like having everything elite took a lot of time, and for them to do this is like well, did I really need to do it if it’s gonna be handed to me.


So they first take capacity away from Caira and now they’re also nerfing reload. Alright then ._.


That makes sense, but what if those same players that don’t have the mastery completed continue to choose (ex. Markov–and still just sit back on the AR)
If mastery was made to help understand a characters full kit then why just unlock it? I don’t see it solving any problems. It comes down to each player to use the whole kit not just one aspect of it

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They are implementing for hunt because they want Hunt to have an even playing field. Skirmish and others aren’t affected.

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What’s more balanced…making everyone be able to have an elite character for ranked mode OR getting rid of buffs in said mode