Big Behemoth glitch


Okay so I was playing through games online and with my friends in custom
After a while of playing we started taking turns playing as behemoth
On the second round we had a major problem. The behemoth was getting stuck in pathways that are his size or bigger and couldn’t move
So we restarted the match and I played

Well when I did I encountered several glitches
And these are glitches that I’ve seen or had all day today playing as behemoth
They are small to big problems

  1. Use of abilities completely gone when spawning until evolving

  2. Getting stuck in mid air and not being able to move untill giving controller to bot

  3. Random map teleporting

  4. Shield instantly dropping for no reason without taking any damage

  5. Randomly dying when at full health

  6. Falling out the map when jumping onto an enemies back

And last the worst

  1. Not being able to climb. Get past doorways. Invisible walls. Getting stuck on bridges. Pulsing through sizes. And all around size programming messed up to were you can’t escape hunters or attack

And 7 was all in the same time in ONE match
That match is when I quit
I’ve never had this problem before and it’s been happening to other behemoths I’ve seen and it happened to my friends a bunch even when we

  1. Restarted the round

  2. Restarted the game

  3. Restarted our internet

  4. Restarted our PS4’s

ITs not doing it now near as much but I’m reporting these bugs anyway so they can be fixed


Yeah, Behemoth is having quite a few problems of late. They are trying to work on them, but it takes quite a bit of work. You fix 1 bug, 2 more rise in its place.


I know right!!