Big Alpha Teams


So is anyone interested on making and evolve team/squad for the Big Alpha?


On what? xbox one, ps4 or PC? :stuck_out_tongue:


Xbox one… (don’t laugh)


I only play on PC sorry :stuck_out_tongue: i just like playing games on pc over xbox or ps, feels better.


I understand :smile: I prefer a controller over keyboard though anyday!


If you have issues finding people or most people you would play with are on PC just get the pc alpha if you have a choice. I play with k/m but did play a few rounds with a xb1 controller on pc and it worked great. Just something to consider if your pc is decent and the controller is the main thing holding you back.


I don’t have many friends ( read: less than three ) that are interested in the game. Perhaps they will be once they try it out, but for now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be happily taking the monster role until friends decide they want to play and hunt alongside me.

This is why I like seeing threads like these; it means I’ll be put up against organised teams sometimes, games where cunning and instincts will really matter.

I’d love to help teams practice as well, so if anyone ever needs a cooperative monster that’ll help them hone their skills, I’m definitely down for it.


send me friend request on XBL, dupalec or PSN, same thing… but this big alpha i’m thinking of going either PC or PS4. There will be beta for xbox later on so we will see how it goes…


I get the idea behind wanting to set up teams and what not, but after playing through the first alpha, you would be surprised at how many really decent players you’ll get to play with if you kinda just fly solo and keep playing. Met some really nice and really good players that way last time and a few were added through Steam.

If you already have friends that get in with you, that’s great and I encourage you to play with them as Phil said before in one of his interviews that teams that work together well and know one another are always going to be more successful than a bunch of random people. However, there are some great things to pick up about the game playing with those you don’t or haven’t played with normally/before. Anyhow, just my two cents worth.


Count me in! Gamer tag= icyfire30


IF we get in add me on XB1


Oh and the best of luck you all of you. I hope every or of you get in!


PC Master Race!


Agreed, games against organized hunters were so much more intense and as a result, a LOT more fun.


Consider yourself lucky. All of my friends are too hyped up about Destiny (they mostly play console) to really invest time in pre-release Evolve.


Oof. Harsh. The reality, though, is that I believe the forum regulars will band up and form newfound friendship-- or at least, play the game together ( both in alpha/beta and post-release! ).

I’ve only just begun my activity on these forums, but I already feel quite at home, and I’m comfortable enough to say that I’m already looking forwards to joining a match and recognising names from our community and greeting them like old friends! It’ll be the best feeling ever.

That the case for me, though. Other than my brother, I don’t have many gaming friends who are into competitive multiplayer games. Even though I’ve been following Evolve ever since its official reveal, I didn’t give the forums a shot-- I sorely regret not jumping into it earlier.

Nevertheless! It’s not too late, especially since the game got pushed to February 10th ( so very hyped; my birthday is on the 13th… It’s almost like a birthday gift, despite having pre-ordered a long time ago! ). Now is the perfect time to forge bonds between us. I’m not saying I’m going to be replacing real life friends with community users, but it’s a very good occasion for me to make interwebz frands. :stuck_out_tongue:


i wont need a team because i will be monster


I love a keyboard and mouse, but if you prefer a controller, i understand.
No need to be embarrassed for playing on a Xbox One, but I’d prefer my USB controller right next to my monitor xD


Anyone fancy making a team on PC? I play mainly trapper, and some medic.
Steam name - btubnfj


Sure, I’d be very happy to go a few rounds with you all on the Xbox One. My Gamertag is the same one as you see on here. :smile:

For everyone else wanting to look for others to play the Alpha with, please look no further than these three threads here:

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I’m taking applications for a PC Master Team… muahahahaha (evil laugh)