Big Alpha Predownloads ( not what u think )


So, i for myself, if i get into the big alpha ( im counting that in this thread ) i have one heck of a slow dl speed, and i want to play asap, is there a way we get to download but not play the game like, some hours before the alpha opens ?

The download issue makes 2.5 GB take 2.5 hours, in an estimate.


There’s been talks about that.Letting us preload.It will be at least 10-15 GB’s.I also need something like 6 hours to DL that.Although i dont know if its possible in consoles.For pc yes i’ve seen it happen but i dunno also because of its alpha state


Indeed, and im worried the download may take forever should my net be in a bad mood…


Does anyone know how it worked for the first alpha, cause it might follow the same rule. Personally I’m hoping it does since my Internet isn’t the fastest


In the last Alpha there was no window to download before the game went live. I imagine that there will be nothing different this time and that you will have to download it then.


I’m pretty sure they said that the way steam works they didn’t have the option to do that for a temporary early alpha type thing


I feel that they could potentially make part of the game downloadable, such as textures and the like. Then again, I have no idea how it works. I’d say the problem with letting you download a portion by itself is it could cause corruption when the entire thing gets downloaded towards the end, which would cause you to have to download the game twice. I think it is a much better plan to have people with low download speed to play later on.

To qualify that a bit, I can’t imagine the Big Alpha lasting any less than a full week, or multiple weekends. This would mean you have at least a full 24 hours to download the game, and then 48 hours in which to play the game. Just plan your time accordingly. Do all of your weekend chores or work when the download is going on, that way you don’t have to worry about when the game is actually finished and you could instead be playing the game and having a ton of fun. Just don’t expect to be playing when you are actually downloading. Plan your play time accordingly.


I kept my Evolve Alpha installed and never bothered to uninstall it personally.

This way, I likely won’t have to download a whole lot but just updated files to reflect the new build version as opposed to others who may have to install the entire thing.

Not that it matters though I suppose with an 80/80 internet connection heh.

As of now there is no pre-load option and I doubt there will be one for another Alpha on Steam. Best bet is just to start the download as soon as you can, and wait for it to finish.


Yeah i also dont think it will happen since it’s only Alpha.


I also would like to add my support for a predownload! We didn’t get on in the first alpha and it screwed me out of a whole day of the alpha, I have a 1.5 mbps connection (there is NOTHING else available which sucks) and it would be nice to be able to download before the alpha starts.


Yeah but i dont think that’s up to TRS.As mentioned above steam might be the one that doesn’t allow pre-loads at Alpha versions


We’re not sure if preload will be allowed. I’ll let you guys know the final verdict when it’s decided


This. You can easily extract the files if you have done so before and share it on the internet.


Google Fiber ftw!


In belgium a company named telenet is going to work on 1GB speed… let’s hope i get it soon :frowning:


Nice speed!


Thanks, my wife’s computer is a bit older and ‘only’ gets like 700. Because of Google Fiber we treat Steam as an infinitely large external harddrive. We download games around 30-40 megs per second. I think it could be higher, but I think they cap d/l speeds. Not that 30-40 megs isn’t astonishing.



I actually work for Google Fiber, which is an awesome thing. Got pretty lucky with that job. That being said, about 6 months ago they announced 34 more cities that they are looking at going to, the two I’m most interested in would be Beaverton Oregon, or Durham North Carolina. Would love to go back to the coastal areas.


That’s awesome. What do you do?